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Planetary Alignment: Venus in Sagittarius

Practical Influences – Venus in Sagittarius

Venus in Sagittarius brings a love of fun that is light hearted and optimistic. You will seek adventure during this alignment and won’t want to waste any time being sad or upset. Your quest for enlightenment may draw you towards wild and crazy travel either physically or through dreams to other dimensions. You will feel very passionate about your beliefs and seek to expand them through spiritual, philosophical, religious or magical pursuits.

This alignment will heighten your good sense of humour and increase your laughter in an uninhibited manner, you may be drawn to dancing, letting go and having a good time especially in party settings. You will have an aversion to dull, repetitive routine and anything that interrupts your good time at which point a natural bitchiness can ensue if you’re not careful.

You may become very dogmatic in your beliefs and judgmental of a perceived lack of morality in others making you a little morally arrogant, especially if you feel you have the key to enlightenment. Often feeling deeply religious at this time you will feel drawn to deep thinkers, monks or shaman types and be blatantly honest, telling the truth without sugar coating the pill.

Venus in Sagittarius makes you very loyal, committed and philosophical with a natural sense of magic. You will stand by your beliefs and frequently be drawn to fighting for a cause. Your friends will value you for your generosity and willingness to help in any situation as well as your natural ability to encourage others to always look on the bright side of life. Your optimism in wanting to see others doing well and your blunt advice given with jovial and uplifting encouragement makes you a valuable friend to many different types of people.

You will need space and freedom to be happy during this alignment as you will feel that variety is the spice of life. You may tend towards exaggeration just because you see life as a grand adventure so planning is not for you which may leave you letting others down sometimes. This isn’t a deliberate act it’s just that you may just dream too big, and not be great on following those dreams through. New interests can easily eclipse the old so getting you to commit to a long term project that requires a lot of patience and timing just isn’t great for you, you will not like the feeling of being trapped and will go to great lengths to avoid it.

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