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Planetary Alignment: Venus in Libra

Practical Influences – Venus in Libra

A Venus in Libra alignment loves beauty, which is really balance and harmony; so you will find yourself disliking and avoiding anything unpleasant in favour of peace, tranquillity and harmony. You will be very social during this alignment, you’re easy to be with and a dynamic talker with multitudes of friends. You’re witty, mentally clear and tactful. You know when to move in, and when to create distance.

You will enjoy a trendy fashion sense, trying avant-garde trends which draws cool fashionable people to your cool relaxed personality. This will fit in with your desire to be liked for your expensive tastes and artistic and musical charms. You will be excellent at giving good advice and will know how to make people feel at ease around you in any situation due to your social acumen. 

You will be fair and see both sides of any conflicts, always acting the peacemaker for friends. Your desire is to beautify a situation through good sound advice as you dislike arguments and fighting, preferring to not make a fuss in order to resolve problems. Bad manners and tactless, rude, abrasive personalities will easily offend you and come over as threatening when you attempt to find middle ground towards peaceful resolution. Being a gentle soul you may find yourself making concessions and changes in your own life to accommodate others at this time. Be aware that this avoidance of confrontation may lead to you quietly seething in a corner and becoming resentful as time goes on.

This alignment brings a truly romantic air where you will want to impress and use all your wiles of kindness and fairness to make a relationship work. With a love of sharing you will be most happy when in partnership with someone that stimulates you intellectually and being so sensitive you will always consider how they feel about everything and treat them how they want to be treated. Be aware of holding on to your own personality while in a relationship and not losing your identity to that of your partner through wanting everything to be beautiful and comfortable and compromising too much. Your desire for balance can lead a relationship to be superficial and lack clear values with frequent disagreements which can make you physically ill or nervous.

You do well around people who treat you kindly and fairly; you like your well-mannered, well-spoken and well dressed personality to be mirrored in your relationships. You are fair to all you meet and champion the cause for justice although your diplomacy can sometimes mean telling others what they want to hear and even telling white lies to those you care for if it means keeping the peace.

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