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Planetary Alignment: Mercury in Gemini

Practical Influences – Mercury in Gemini

Mercury in Gemini may leave you feeling a bit scattered where you have a broad range of knowledge on many subjects but no real grounding in one particular area. You are entering a phase of fast learning where you will get bored easily and find it difficult to concentrate on any one subject making for quite an eclectic time. Your quick witted mind will be happy in a stimulating environment but this can leave you overly sensitive with a restless nervous energy and very impressionable to what is going on around you.

Your intuition may be lacking at this time leaving you feeling emotionally detached in your communications, your open minded nature will however make you adaptive in this situation as you will feel curious about many things and come across as an eloquent and engaging speaker. Your mind will feel changeable and always spinning with decision making coming quickly when faced with a fast paced environment. This external stimulation can wear on you, eventually leaving you overwhelmed and frazzled. Don’t be tempted at these times to play on others’ weaknesses or stir up trouble or controversy due to irritability or mental confusion, ensure you take some down time to overcome this problem.

This alignment may lead you to delight in mind games, preferring the company of those you can mentally spar with. Enjoy your natural ability to be a social butterfly and try to avoid becoming a gossip within your group. You will pick up more from your environment than most, and will process information at lightning speed. Be aware not to cause a drama, just to make things more interesting as your mind will probably be thinking in tangents, never able to follow through with a single thought for too long. One idea might branch off in a dozen directions, best to keep a voice recorder on hand and revisit these flashes of brilliance later!

Learning is very important during Mercury in Gemini and you will be insatiable when it comes to acquiring more knowledge. You will feel so hungry for knowledge you can’t sit still, having to be involved in everything happening within your sight. This may come across as you seeming scatterbrained sometimes, because you are constantly moving from one experience to another. Your accumulated knowledge gives you the ability to look at any situation and discuss it in a way that it is inspiring. You will revel in original thought and voice, and love playing around with the power of language. While the Mercury in Gemini alignment isn’t always the most reliable in deeds, your words will always speak volumes.

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