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Planetary Alignment: Mars in Pisces

Practical Influences – Mars in Pisces

Mars in Pisces brings a drive to make dreams come true where your kind compassionate creativity will have a very beautiful, often idealised, idea of the way things should be. You will sometimes aggressively push your dreams into the forefront.  This may make you extremely out of touch with reality even though you are sensitive, but you will somehow manage to make the unreal, real, by absorbing everything that is happening around you.

Your empathy at this time means that you could internalise the emotions of others as you genuinely care about people. You are willing to put your hand into the fire, walk on the coals and take the punches in your bravery.  Your sensitivity makes you a really big dreamer and you will passionately fight for them through your own self sacrifice in pursuit of a more ideal and beautiful world.

Be aware at this time that you could become very self involved, thinking your personal drama is the most important thing in the world. Do not begin suffering just for the sake of suffering. Keep your intentions clear and do not give way to wallowing in your own self pity or you could push people away by holding on to the victim role and not allowing anyone to help you.

Be aware too of a tendency to internalise any anger you feel during this alignment. You will prefer to turn any angry reactions inward upon yourself rather than harm anyone else. You have the ability to fight back when wronged, but will prefer indirect confrontation rather than a direct expression of your anger especially when advocating a cause. Your commitment will get other people rallying to your side to stand with you.

With Mars in Pisces your gentle and mild, round-about manner will see you going with the flow, preferring to let life happen around you. You will feel as though you are running on emotions which can be unpredictable and intense. This leaves it difficult for you to deal with physical and practical challenges. You will often feel restless inside while appearing calm and collected on the surface, your sensitivity to your environment can have you seeming shy and withdrawn to those around you.

To wholeheartedly pursue a goal, you will have to be completely emotionally committed to it, it has to have a deep emotional component. Even then you may tend to skirt around the edges and feel it out before making a serious move. Often your goals are unconscious, which may explain your indirect approach, however you will go after them indefinitely going through the emotional cycle of either accepting defeat or accepting that you need to recoup and find another solution.

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