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Planetary Alignment: Mercury in Libra

Practical Influences – Mercury in Libra

Mercury in Libra brings a very pleasing diplomacy where you will long for equality in the world and view mental affinity as one of the most important themes in any dealings you have during this alignment. You may find yourself coming across as a critical perfectionist at this time but due to your kind, fair and tactful approach you will get your message across gently when finding fault in others. You will handle others with care using an unassuming manner, always being aware of their comfort levels while you search for compromise.

You will feel very uncomfortable with extremes of opinion during this alignment constantly searching for middle ground. You may feel a great deal of indecision as you swing between pros and cons in situations. This is because you have an innate ability to see the ‘other side’ and to think in the relative and abstract. Your subtle intelligence coupled with a good measure of objectivity makes it difficult to evaluate your environment without comparing one thing with another.

Mercury in Libra brings a generally good time for making connections with others, but it can make you mentally lazy which prevents you from following up and maintaining the connections you’ve made. You may have difficulty when trying to make too many people happy as you will be inclined to turn to others for opinions when making a decision. To overcome this it is wise to look inside yourself to do a check on what you really feel every now and again so that you don’t totally lose sight of what really matters to you.

It will be very important for you to have a mental connection to those you have relationships with and being friendly and broad minded you will not like seeing the darker side of life and dislike conflict or people who act in a crude manner. You will stick to your principles when need be but will find quickly changing situations difficult as you don’t adapt very quickly preferring to come slowly to a decision. Learning that it’s ok to disagree with others is a lesson that will make life a lot easier for you.

At your best, you are a peace keeper concerned with justice, fairness, harmony, beauty, and balance during this alignment and you will love having someone to exchange ideas with back and forth. You will love being impressed with someone else’s ideas and impressing others with your own through great conversations.

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