Relationship Power: SEE How Potent You Are

The Spiritual Energy Exchange (SEE) theme word for January 2020 is Power. This weeks focus is on relationship power. We will be talking about what it means to have it, as well as how we can consciously refocus, redirect and refine our connection with it.

we are powerful creators relationship power

Our power signatures affect each of us individually, dependent upon the direction the power is aimed. It also reacts in combination with other people's power signatures.

From our physical beginning we are in relation with another being. Our mothers and our fathers. From the point of conception, 2 once separate particles came together and began the process of life. You.

Relationship power

Aside from ourselves, we are an-other to somebody else. Every single one of us has relation to someone else, and will have been affected by their signature.

When anyone who has nurtured you, hurts you instead, you carry the force of that power as part of you. And, regardless of the direction you aim the power, the universe reflects the signature back through future relationships.

I think the speech in the Sherlock Homes series on TV sums up a crucially influential parental signature perfectly.

“I’ve seen enough parental abuse to know that one thing’s always the same. When someone whose job it is to nurture you hurts you instead, it can’t help but have a profound and lasting effect on your sense of who you are”

Influence of this type of power signature places pressure upon your own. The echoes of a signature such as this enter the subconscious space of the mind, resonating out for the universe to reflect back.

Relationship Power. every single day brings the opportunity to begin anew

The key to relationship power is to become more aware of your own signature when around other people. How does your body respond around them? How does your mind respond to theirs? How do you feel around them? What is your inner voice telling you?

Every single day that you come into relation with another, brings the opportunity to begin anew. To refocus, redirect and refine the combined relationship signature toward synergy.

Refocus, redirect, refine

The question of which direction relationship power takes, lies firmly in our hands. The power of choice remains the same because it is wrapped up in your, and the-other's, inherent personal signature.

Refocusing, redirecting, and refining relationship signatures becomes easy when you understanding how inherently potent you truly are when you're in relation.

This theme is part of the January 2020 meet-up free discussion group. If you would like to get involved and continue the conversation in person, you can find details HERE.


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