SeeR call to Culloden. Spirit calls and we answer

Call to Culloden: Autumn Equinox 2019

Getting the Call

I received the call to Culloden while sitting with a friend. We were gathered around a table which housed various elements designed to give spirit a chance to express itself. We'd had a busy night, and were coming to the end of chatting with spirit, when we received a quick message. The message directed us to visit the power of Culloden Battlefield. That evening we booked our trip for the coming Autumn Equinox.

We travelled up to Culloden in stages, stopping at Perth overnight to break up the long drive. Setting off the following day we chose to come off the direct route in favour of stunning scenery. We took in Loch Ness and approached Inverness from the south-west, rather than the south-east. Our final destination of Culloden sat to the east of city.

Culloden Moor

Arriving at Culloden we were greeted by a sense of reverence. The clan names carved into the paving give way to the vast rolling fields and hills of the battleground. Once past the main reception, your ticket to Culloden includes a tour through the entrance building. Walking the tour takes your footsteps back in time to the build up to the famous battle. The hardships faced on both sides are historically recalled as a timeline carries you through the museum. When you exit the tour, large double doors lead the way to the battlefield. The immensity of space enters your being as you approach the glass.

Heeding the call

Even before opening the doors themselves, greater understanding of how difficult the conditions must have been hits you in the chest.

Knowing how many men lost their lives in this spot, the first step on grass brings a jolt of spiritual awe to sit alongside the reverence inside.

SeeR call to Culloden. Spirit calls and we answer
Seer Retreat. Spirit calls, we answer

Walking around the battlefield, certain spots spoke to us. The reconstructed house on the grounds introduced us to a lovely girl named Ennis. Someone who came to visit us regularly when we returned home.

And the cairn, the main memorial to the battle itself.

Call to Culloden Meditation

Leaning back against the rough stonework of the cairn, my deep breaths were met with shifting scenery.

Before me I could see a rising mist, like heat lifting from trees in the morning. I could hear cries lifting up through the air, swirling around me and carried away. A push from behind and I'm aware that I have to move forward, there is no turning back, there is no backing out, I must move forward into the swirling mist.

As my foot falls forward I can see three men to my right. One in red, one in blue and one in green, all wearing the tartans of their clan. They stand firm and strong, holding standards and swords. The swirling mist beneath my steps clears to show the bodies of the fallen. I am to be next. It is my turn to make the walk towards destiny.

I realise I'm scared, fear gnaws away at my insides like an escaping rat. Yet, one look towards my three companions and the fear turns to courage. I am honoured to make the stand regardless of any challenge, because I believe in the outcome. As my foot takes the next step forward the scenery shifts, and I'm back leaning against the cairn.

Honouring Connection

My companion had an equally powerful meditation. We were both shown different aspects of an immensely powerful situation from many years ago. A power that resonated not only through the lives of generations that came after. But also through the political systems that followed. There is no mistaking the power of Culloden. It demands your attention as you mindfully walk its moors, I felt it, my companion felt it. And, if you approach it with conscious connection, you will feel it too.