Yuletide Projections: Day 7

Yuletide thanks and projections. Merry Christmas

Day 7 of Yule: Powerful Projections

Today is the seventh of 12 days traditionally with no work in favour of happiness and merriment with family and friends.

Enjoy the evergreen symbols of protection and rebirth you have brought into your house and continue to welcome those of family and friends as they contribute to the abundance of your surroundings. Light a fresh yule candle as a symbol of the returning light and place it upon your Yule log to burn brightly in your home as a shining reminder.

Today we begin to think about what we would like to project forward into the coming year. Having given thanks over the last 6 days we have taken stock of where we were and how we felt at different times over the year in relation to nature, family, friends, work colleagues and ourselves. We have acknowledged our highs as well as our lows and given thanks for the lessons we have learnt. You may have a clear idea of what the coming year holds in store for you based on what you have experienced this year and projections are about furthering these ideas and building upon them to keep momentum going; but today is all about looking at new wants and desires.

What would you like to achieve in the coming year, what are your wants when it comes to brand new ideas and plans? Visualising your future and building upon these new ideals gives you the opportunity to set clear goals even if they sometimes feel impossible to achieve in the beginning. Success takes clear vision and an awareness of yourself and the outputs required for what you need to be put in place. It is important that your vision isn’t too rigid leaving room for growth and expansion in order for these new ideas to take shape and grow organically as circumstances change.

Think about the mother earth today and the beauty that surrounds you. Remember the importance of life giving nature and how delicate the ecosystem is when not in balance. Having just come out of festivities which meant giving and receiving gifts with others think about the volume of wrapping paper that was used just for one days merriment and the impact that has on the worlds trees. Project a choice to be more conscientious when it comes to recycling and waste for the coming year starting with the abundance of paper left over from Yule.

Think about the world around you, about what you see in the news and how that makes you feel. Project what you would like to see in the world; on a large scale this could be peace for war-torn countries or, on a smaller scale and closer to home it could be more accord within your own political systems, in both cases project peace into the hearts of decision makers and visualise what that would be like.

Enjoy the ritual of consuming your sweet/fruit/nut symbols of projection

Have a happy Yule one and all

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