Yuletide Projections: Day 12

Yuletide projections and thanks. Merry Christmas

Day 12 of Yule: Powerful Projections

Today is the last of 12 days traditionally with no work in favour of happiness and merriment with family and friends.

You have enjoyed the evergreen symbols of protection and rebirth that you, friends and family have brought into your house and now is the time to remove them to be recycled just like the move of one year making way for the next.

Clearing the house has a cleansing quality and with your thanks and projections over the past eleven days in mind, today is about consolidating your thoughts and gathering your energy for a productive 12 months to come.

I would firstly like to thank you for taking part in these 12 days of Yule and secondly take the opportunity to make some projections especially for you this year.

  • That you breathe more freely.
    • Breathe into your body and your life in order to listen more fully to what it is telling you. We have a tendency to hold our breath when feeling under duress, this can clog our body and our life leaving us bogged down feeling lost and heavy.
  • That you are idealistic.
    • Go on dreaming and creating the reality you would like to see for yourself and others.
  • That you are present in your life.
    • Be an active participant in your wants and desires, believe in them and they will materialise.
  • That you stand in your own power.
    • Know that you are capable of anything you put your heart and soul into, regardless of those that try to stop you doing that.
  • That you trust yourself.
    • Your power is immense, trust it instead of giving power away by believing others more than you believe yourself.

Enjoy the ritual of consuming any remaining sweet/fruit/nut symbols of thanks and projections

Have a happy year to come one and all

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