Yuletide Projections: Day 11

Yuletide thanks and projections. Merry Christmas

Day 11 of Yule: Powerful Projections

Today is the eleventh of 12 days traditionally with no work in favour of happiness and merriment with family and friends.

Enjoy the evergreen symbols of protection and rebirth you have brought into your house and continue to welcome those of family and friends as they contribute to the abundance of your surroundings. Light a fresh yule candle as a symbol of this returning light and place it upon your Yule log to burn brightly in your home as a shining reminder.

Today is the first day of the new year and we are going to look at you as you take your first breaths of this new year. You may have been celebrating with family and friends for New Years Eve and overindulged a little in the general merriment of the occasion. A little indulgence of both food and alcohol is commonplace at this time of year but what are your practices usually? Do you eat foods that are predominantly healthy with the occasional excess, or do you indulge often in foods which aren’t good for your system? Do you drink infrequently with an intermittent glass of what you enjoy or do you drink regularly and often suffer the consequences of feeling out of control and hungover the next day? Today is the day to be totally honest with yourself and answer these questions with a view to projecting changes for your own health, wellness and happiness for this year.

Firstly take a deep breath and just sit comfortably, feel the breath entering and visualise the vital oxygen entering your lungs and travelling around your entire body. With the out-breath visualise carrying carbon dioxide away leaving the body cleansed and ready to receive fresh vital oxygen on the next in-breath. Sit with this visualised breathing for a while and draw your attention to any parts of your system that you experience problems with. This could involve any issue within your body from headaches to skin problems, from stomach issues to joint pain; sit and visualise your breath cleansing and refreshing these particular areas. This is the first step to listening to your body and understanding the interconnected nature of your health, wellness and happiness.

What would you like to change about your body and how can you go about making that change happen? Your body instinctively knows what it requires and has the ability to change and heal itself, however with layer upon layer of conditioning around our consumption of food and alcohol our ability to listen fades away. Our genes are influenced through generations of inherited beliefs and social norms and today is about stepping to the side of that and projecting a clearer pathway towards better health for the coming year.

Promoting better health wellness and happiness for yourself begins with learning to listen to what your body needs; utilise this simple visualisation breathing to slow down as often as you are able in the coming year and listen to what it is telling you in the moment.

Enjoy the ritual of consuming your sweet/fruit/nut symbols of projections

Have a happy Yule one and all

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