Wrapping up Power: Bringing it all Together

The Spiritual Energy Exchange theme for January has looked at power in the three main parts of our lives. At the beginning of the month we thought about personal power, we then moved on to consider power in relationships, as well as in the workplace. The main aim of the discussion was to recognise how inherently powerful we are. And, where we choose to direct our power, is reflected back to us through our alignment with the universe.

The process of refocusing, redirecting, and refining power, becomes easy when you understand power is a naturally occurring attribute of everyone's character. However, reaching that understanding may take a great deal of inner spiritual work. Many are interested in spiritual concepts; however, few are willing to invest in spiritual work to aid their growth.

mastering others is strength. mastering yourself is true power lao tzu

Personal Investment

I have often discussed personal power with others and directed them to spiritual investment tools to aid them in their journey. Tools such as the Manifesting Abundance Time-sheet serve as a way to engage in spiritual work to bring about changes at a deeply personal level. However, regardless of how much they say they want to refocus their power, they don't want to actually do the work to bring about the change. Many don't even get as far as downloading the tool!

In order to make the changes you want in your life, you must be willing to engage in the work to bring them about. Refocusing, redirecting, and refining power, is not something that can be done for you. Your power belongs to you, and an interest in spiritual practices alone will not move you from the place you occupy. Only engaged spiritual work will.

Relationship Investment

Honouring our own power promotes a deeper level of respect within. Once we have this deeper respect for ourselves, it becomes increasingly difficult to be around others who do not respect us. The process of refocusing, redirecting, and refining our power with others, is easier when entering into new relationships. It can, however, be much harder to implement in existing ones.

Breaking age-old habits of aggression and passivity brings the opportunity to introduce power with a friend or partner. This is only made possible if the 'other' in the relationship is aware of your desire for change. It is impossible to bring about mutual respect if you put in the required work on a personal level but fail to implement it in your relationships.

Sharing your intention to refocus, redirect, and refine your power is the only way to bring about successful mutual change. Your partner will only respect you as much as you respect yourself. Remaining in a disrespectful relationship is, as harsh as it sounds, serving a purpose for you. Your job is to review your personal signature and honestly assess your power when it comes to being with someone else. To take responsibility for the role you play allows the 'other' to see your need for change, and encourages them to do the same.

Workplace Investment

I have discussed workplace power with those who 'live to work' as well as those who 'work to live'. The act of working out which category you fall into can, in itself, be incredibly powerful. The reason for this is, it helps people reassess the way they direct their power, either with, or over, others in the workplace by acknowledging their motivation for being there.

I recently encountered a business owner at a social event who directed an amount of personal power towards romantically pursuing another attendee. The feelings were not reciprocated and the situation passed largely unnoticed. I then entered into discussion with this individual around the nature of their work. I was astounded to hear they were married and worked with their partner in the business of relationship counselling. I was not surprised however to hear their business was far from successful.

This individuals personal power was at odds with both their relationship, and business, power. No matter how much they wanted their business to succeed, the direction of power projected into the universe reflected back their confusion. I suggested they refocus, redirect, and refine their power to honestly reflect what their needs were personally, before expecting to have power with their relationship, and ultimately in their business.

Reflecting power back

There is an underlying order to our universe. An order from which all that we can see takes form. The universal power surrounding us reflects our personal signature back to us. This reflection, in turn, filters through our relationships and our work. We cannot hope to refocus, redirect, and refine our own power if we are unwilling to invest in the actions needed to bring about change.

The words attributed to the wonderful Gandhi, "Be the change you want to see in the world" echo through as an inducement to change ourselves and the world will follow. I, however, believe our spiritual work requires an initial investment step before this, altering the saying with one important difference. 'Be the change you want to see in your world'. When your personal signature reflects balance with your relationships and workplace, you enter a space of living your truth. At this stage the universe aligns with your inherent power to change your world. Only when we make changes to redirecting our own power, can we hope to be effective in the wider world.

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