Personal Creativity: SEE how creative you are

The Spiritual Energy Exchange (SEE) theme word for February 2020 is creativity. This weeks focus is on personal creativity. We will be talking about what it means to have it, as well as how we can consciously refocus, redirect and refine our connection with it.

Whenever I talk to people about creativity, their minds flit to the work of artists within different creative arenas. Painters, musicians, sculptors, dancers, writers, poets, all expressing their well-honed craft on their respective 'stages'. Yet, when considering our own creativity, the average person will attest to not having a creative bone in their body.

Personal creativity. Seer Retreat. Spirit calls, we answer

Personal Creativity

We are born with the seeds of creativity within us. Our first few years of life, spent mostly observing those around us, set the scene upon which we begin expressing ourselves. This expression is our creativity bursting forth and giving life to our experiences. "Creativity is intelligence having fun" - Albert Einstein

"From age two until around age six or seven, our brains shift into theta brainwave, an hypnotic-type state where imagination contributes to our experience. It is during this period that a child may engage imaginary friends and view an empty teacup as being filled with real liquid in their play."

- Conscious Connection - Sarah Wayt

As we grow into adulthood, the once fertile streak of creative expression becomes buried under other responsibilities. Life pressures take over and our creative soul becomes lost under a shadow of not having time, being too tired etc. It isn't that we aren't as creative as we used to be, it's just we don't recognise ourselves as creative beings any longer.

Refocus, redirect and refine

Consciously getting back into creative connection is easier than you might think. Every day we actively engage in creative exploits, we just don't view them in that way. When you wake in the morning and go through your daily routine, creativity is taken for granted and rarely celebrated.

Brushing your hair in the morning, you are creating a hairstyle which expresses your individuality.  When choosing the outfit you will wear for the day, again, you are expressing your creativity through style and colour. Most of the choices you make involve some form of personal creativity.

Consciously connecting with the creative daily actions we usually take for granted, makes us more creative generally. It encourages the right hand side of our brain to flourish and grow creative pathways. The knock-on effect of this brings us into greater alignment with the natural flow of the universe.

This theme is part of the February 2020 meet-up free discussion group. If you would like to get involved and continue the conversation in person, you can find details HERE.