Free Meditation: Mystical Music of the Universe

Feet firmly placed on the floor, hands gently resting on the thighs, eyes closed and away...

Full Moon meditation. Orchestral nature coming together in a beautiful chorus

The cold and rain of the March evening gave way as the familiar full moon lily took shape in the centre of the bandstand. It has become a regular manifestation of these meditations and I welcomed its presence as I would an old friend.

Sitting to the side admiring its beauty, a beam of light glowed from the core. Lifting up to the roof of the structure, it beckoned me to draw closer.

As I stepped into its centre I could feel myself being pulled up, as though our heart strings had joined as one. As I lifted from the ground I could hear a humming sound from above, slow and rhythmic it beckoned me to push through the roof of the bandstand as I lifted.

Safely through the membranous roof my feet rested upon soft grass. The humming had become more insistent and I was aware that the rhythmic sound was coming from the grass as it undulated around me. Glancing around I could see I was surrounded by trees and plants of different kinds each emitting beautiful sounds.

The trees echoed like string instruments. The larger, older trees held the tones of a double base; the younger, cello's; the younger still, a haunting melody of violas playing on the wind. This was complemented by the strings of violin composition coming from the various bushes and plants.

It felt as though my eyes had become part of the unfolding harmony. As they rested upon a tree or plant the dynamics changed from pianissimo to mezzo forte in seamless movement.

Glancing around I could see the music raising up from the foliage. Like heat haze on a hot day it flowed from the structures, dancing together as the notes embraced the space. The heady tune lulled me as I listened, captivated, in complete awe of the melody playing out before me.

I felt movement to my side and immediately realised I was sleepy, weary, ready to lay my head down to rest. I felt a nuzzling to my neck, with soft warm breath falling onto my shoulders.

As I turned to face the visitor I was met by the gaze of an unsaddled dark mahogany bay. I became overcome by the need for rest and found myself prostrate upon his back, arms and legs dangling as he slowly walked me away.

We traversed the grass. Each fall of his hooves created humming intensity upon the ground as he carried me along a winding path. Coming around a hillock he paused as the sounds of a piano floated through my mind. I opened my eyes to see a body of water, shimmering with the full moons reflection, tinkling its tune as the moon danced upon the surface.

We drew closer to the waters edge and glancing down, the reflection staring back at me was this magnificent beast, majestically ethereal in stature. At that moment, my arms, my legs, my body, sank into the image. We had become one, we had merged just as the music around me had merged, into an incredible symphony of other worldly creation.

In the distance I could hear the gentle tolling of bells pulling me back, drawing me down. And, as my mind became clearer, I realised the clock tower was calling me back to reality as it chimed the hour to close the meditation.

If you would like to join in with future Full Moon meditations, you can find details here.