When light is at it's longest. A chance to shine powerful light on your life.

SeeR Summer Solstice 2020


7 days of reflective thinking and open connection with daytime at its highest powerful alignment. Come, celebrate this Summer Solstice against the beautiful backdrop of Portugal. Faro and the surrounding areas.


Spiritually engaged life changers who want to celebrate the turning of the season in conscious connection.

Spiritually awakened truth seekers who want to deepen their quantum connection.

Spiritually curious newcomers who want to increase their spiritual awareness.


17th – 24th June 2020


Portugal. Faro district


Discover greater spiritual clarity through reflection and projection at Summer Solstice


7-day Summer Solstice Retreat booked directly through Skyscanner and the Hotel.

This example retreat cost is based on 1 person leaving Newcastle International Airport UK on 17th June, returning on 24th June 2020.

Your travel details to Faro will vary depending on where you live.

Summer Solstice Retreat:

Portugal: Faro

17th June – 24th June 2020
Return Flight: Newcastle – Faro £83.00
7 Night Hotel Stay: Faro £420.00
Trip Insurance £18.77
Total Cost £521.77


An engaged tribe of spiritual energy exchange members equipped and empowered to take their next best step so they experience more success and significance in work and life. As a result of personal breakthroughs, they redirect, refocus and refine their conscious connection and transform their worlds.


We ignite a true renaissance. There is a growth of consciousness, connection, joy, and life. Hearts are opened, souls unleashed, universal relationship restored. The wayward find their way back home. There is a return to who we were created to be. Universal energy is celebrated and holistic abundance abounds.

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