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Rowan Moon: Celtic Tree Calendar

This point in the agricultural calendar is marked by the ploughing of the soil to allow it to prepare for the seed, and any energy work performed now is all about groundwork. The surface of the earth appears barren, but the life force is stirring beneath. Ask yourself what you need to prepare in order to plant the seeds of your dreams this year.

The white month

The Celtic fire festival of Imbolc (2 February) falls in the Rowan Moon, lending this time associations with the goddess Brigid to whom the festivities are dedicated. Also known as Bride, Brigid represents the mother of the new-born Sun and all candle energy work is sacred to her. Like the snowdrops peeking out of the ground to meet the goddess, white is a powerful symbol during this month. During the Rowan Moon wear white to cast energy, use white candles and feast on white foods to attune to the season.

The tree of perseverance

The rowan tree often grows on craggy mountains, higher than any other tree. Its ability to flourish in inaccessible locations teaches you to persevere. The rowan berries reveal a natural pentagram at their base – a symbol of the womb of the Earth Goddess and of protection. These physical attributes give the tree associations of healing and guardianship.

Rowan charms

Sprays of rowan berries were hung in cattle-sheds throughout the UK to protect livestock from disease and sorcery. The leaves and berries can also be used to make a divination incense, and carrying the bark is believed to promote healing in the bearer. The name ‘rowan’ even comes from the same root as the word ‘rune’ in its meaning as a charm.

Rowan Moon energy

Use the new-born energies of the Sun and of Brigid to harness the power of Rowan Moon, to cast forward energy for good fortune and prosperity.

The wheel of Bride

This protection charm represents the waxing energies of the Sun and can be hung in the home to attract good luck.

  1. Collect together two straight sticks of rowan wood. Remember to leave an offering of thanks on a breach, such as a strand of hair, or thread or ribbon.
  2. Hold the sticks in a cross and say, “Spirits of this wood, I bring you together for the good of all.”
  3. Now bind the sticks into an equal-armed cross and secure them with red thread. As you do this visualise a powerful white light.
  4. Hold the charm up to the Sun and say, “Behold the Wheel of Bride, blessed be.”

Candle Energy

Combine the energy of the Rowan Moon with the candle energy of Imbolc.

  1. Fill a small pot with earth and then hold a white candle in your right hand. Concentrate on what you want to grow this year.
  2. Plant the candle in the soil saying, “Mother Brigid I ask you to nurture my dream, may it grow with your blessed light.”
  3. Light the candle and see its flame expand, taking strength from the Sun.
  4. After seeking the help of the goddess through candle energy, plant a seed as an offering of thanks to her in a favourite place, and wait for your wish to grow.

Magic Mirror

Use this meditation and a mirror to help increase your psychic powers.

  1. Prop up a round mirror on a table, surrounded by rowan leaves, berries and three white candles. Close your eyes and say aloud, “My lady, open my inner eye to grant clear vision.”
  2. Focus on the centre of your forehead and ‘direct’ your breathing to this spot.
  3. Half open your eyes and gaze into the mirror. Focus on your breath and register any images that drift into your mind. Repeat this process regularly and your visions will improve.

Attune to the Moon

Harness the growing potential of the Rowan Moon in your life and make a new start by following these resolutions.

  • Begin spring cleaning now. As the light increases, you will need to clear out your clutter with all your energy to make way for new growth.
  • Have a Rowan Moon dinner party and ask your guests to wear white, dine by candlelight and eat seeds such as beans, pulses and nuts.
  • Look for the first snowdrops of the season and make a wish when you see one. Snowdrops hold the potential of spring.
  • Tie a white ribbon on a rowan tree while saying the names of those you love. The tree will send out healing vibrations to them.
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