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Hawthorn Moon: Celtic Tree Calendar

The Celtic month of Hawthorn is the time for lovers to attend to matters of the heart, as the Celtic fire festival of Beltane heralds the start of summer. Celebrated on the first full Moon after the May tree (hawthorn) has blossomed, cattle were driven between two fires to purify them before moving to summer pastures. Young people were adorned with blossom and lovers lay in fields to empower their relationship and the crops with fertility and prosperity.

The Month of fertility

The Maypole is an enduring symbol of the union of male and female energies. The binding of the ribbons signifies marriage and this is an auspicious time for a wedding. Energy cast out during this time will aid intimacy and passion in an existing relationship. Partnerships formed now will be lasting and if your lover gives you May flowers it is said that he/she will always be true.

Three faces of the goddess

Adorned with flowers in spring, berries in autumn, and bare thorns in winter, the seasonal appearance of hawthorn has led to its sacred association with the three faces of the Great Goddess. Maiden (virginal white flowers of spring), Mother (rich, fertile red berries of autumn). And Crone (the cruel thorns of winter).


The hawthorn is closely linked to witches due to an ancient belief that it was created from witches who had been transformed into trees. Any magic performed beside the hawthorn or during its month is though to be twice as powerful. Hawthorn wood was traditionally used in amulets and charms. The wood grows into many twisted patterns, thought to be the origin of the love knot charm. As an amulet, the flowers were thought to ward off depression. The Romans placed such amulets in cradles to protect babies from curses.

Hawthorn Moon Energy

Harness the power of hawthorn to find your soulmate or repair a relationship, or to spice up your life and re-energise your Heart Chakra.

Soulmate energy

Finding the right person to form a relationship with is not an easy task. Fortunately, you can harness the energetic forces of the Hawthorn Moon to help you find that special someone.

Beside a hawthorn tree place a red candle in the earth and light it, saying, “Trust by flowers white, passion by berries red, and protection of thorn. May we grow together”.

Next describe your ideal partner on a red piece of paper. Bury it, leaving the candle to burn. Decorate your door with May blossom, and you will find true love in the next summer.

Healing fire energy

A time for lovers, Hawthorn Moon is a perfect time to heal a wounded relationship. To mend quarrels, follow this ritual with your partner.

  1. Both of you should have a paper bag into which you should blow.
  2. Close your bags and face one another.
  3. Kiss three times, then burn the bags, along with anything else you can find that symbolises the rift between you, in a fireproof dish on the floor.
  4. Hold hands and jump over the flames. As you enter your new life together, know that there will be no looking back.
  5. Feast together on red foods, for example fresh strawberries, in order to seal your pact.

Spice up your life

Take advantage of the fertile, prosperous energies of the month of the Hawthorn Moon to help you spice up your life.

  • Wear fiery red underwear and place a sprig of May blossom in your hair to help you impress on that special date.
  • Young hawthorn leaves are tasty in salads and have detoxing qualities to help you get into shape for the bikini season.
  • wash in the morning dew after the new Moon to enhance your powers of attraction.
  • Decorate the dinner table with hawthorn flowers and bright red candles to create the setting for a magical meal for two.

Heart meditation

This meditation will energise your Heart Chakra and help you open up to receive love during the auspicious month of Hawthorn.

  1. Place a pink candle within a circle of May blossom and make sure that you are feeling totally comfortable. To create the right atmosphere for your energy you could dim the lights or play some soothing ambient music.
  2. Light a pink candle, focus your attention on the flame.
  3. As you breath in, imagine your heart being filled with soft pink light – one of the colours linked with the Heart Chakra.
  4. Keep breathing in the pink light until it begins to fade, then slowly come back to your awareness of the room.
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