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Oak Moon: Celtic Tree Calendar

The longest day of the year and the shortest night fall during the Oak Moon. Known as the Summer Solstice, celebrations revolve around the power of the Sun at its zenith. Folklore decrees that “He who sleeps on the shortest night shall sleep all year”, meaning that this is a time for action not rest.

Magical solar energy

Energy at this time should concentrate on areas of life that fall under sunny auspices such as health, success, prosperity, and blessings. Cast energy that injects solar flare into your projects by decorating you home with gold and yellow. Wear orange to boost your vitality and stamina.

Often linked with the fairies and ghosts, Midsummer brings the perfect opportunity to summon assistance from the spirits. Ask for help to being beneficial results from creative plans.

A tree of healing and peace

The oak can be used as a haven for restoration. When your spirit needs rest and comfort it can be soothed beneath the tree’s vast branches and many sacred rituals were conducted in the shadow of an oak tree in Ancient Britain. Meditating with your spine resting on the trunk of an oak tree soothes the nervous system and induces feelings of inner peace.

Brave energy

Oak trees conduct the energy of endurance and strength, offering a magical remedy for fear and despair. They bring courage and protection from adversity.

Community tree

The great size and age of the oak made it a symbol of the continuity of the community. The water that collects in the dips in its branches was though to be sacred and used to cleanse and heal the body of negative energy.

Oak Moon Energy

Feel energised by the power of the Sun and oak during this energetic time of year. Harness powerful solar energies for Oak Moon work to bring cheer and success to your life.

An oak vision quest

Go on a vision quest during the Oak Moon and spend time in nature to receive messages from the oak tree. For best results carry out this quest at the time of the Summer Solstice to enhance your insight with the energy of the Sun. As you’ll need to spend a night outside for this quest it’s best to do it with a friend.

  1. Go to a hilltop where both sunset and sunrise will be clearly visible.
  2. Begin the quest at sunset, ending at sunrise.
  3. As the Sun falls from the sky say a prayer to the great oak tree for guidance.
  4. Look out for signs, such as animals that cross your path, or shooting stars.
  5. Keep a record of your feelings and thoughts throughout the quest.
  6. At sunrise give thanks for what you have received from the natural world.

Oak Moon activities

As the Sun reaches the height of its power in the month of Oak, so the energy of the natural world – and your own spirits – will soar. Use this abundant feeling of vitality to attune yourself to the season and engage in some of these activities.

  • Dance outside in the Sun – it’s so energising.
  • Go for a walk every day and enjoy the long, light summer evenings.
  • Keep an acorn from the autumn and use it as a charm during the Oak Moon.
  • Have a gold themed dinner to celebrate the Sun.
  • Bury a letter to the fairies under an oak tree, detailing your summer wishes.
  • Wear an oak leaf in your hair to bring you luck.
  • Kiss an oak tree to increase your attractiveness.

Solar success energy

Make a wish during the Oak Moon and imbue it with solar energy. You’ll need to choose a wishing symbol, such as a coin for wealth.
You will need:

  • Gold candle and matches
  • Symbol of your intention
  • Oak leaves
  1. Hold the gold candle towards the sky and say, “Power of the Sun enter this candle. May the flame of success burn brightly”. Place the candle in a holder next to your intention symbol.
  2. Surround the candle with oak leaves and say, “Mighty oak tree, lend me your strength”
  3. Light the candle and make your wish, then let the candle burn down – success will soon be yours.

A purification ritual

You can burn oak leaves to purify the atmosphere and banish fear and doubt.
You will need:

  • Small bottle of wine
  • Basket
  • Pestle and mortar
  • Needle and thread
  • Fireproof bowl
  • Charcoal disc and matches
  1. On the night after the full moon go to an oak tree and pour a libation of wine onto the roots, asking the tree for its help.
  2. Gather a basket of leaves and sew them together, then hang up the leaves to dry out for three days.
  3. When the leaves have dried, carefully remove the thread and pound the leaves with a pestle and mortar into incense. Light the charcoal in the fireproof dish.
  4. When it glows red add the dried leaves to create an energetic purification smoke.
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