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Alder Moon: Celtic Tree Calendar

The month of the Alder Moon runs from mid March to mid April. Significantly, this is a period that includes the Spring Equinox, the day on which the return of spring is celebrated, with its night and day of equal length. Falling as it does at the start of spring, the month of the Alder Moon symbolises the reawakening of the Earth Mother’s fertility for another cycle.

Growth and fertility

The month of the Alder Moon signifies a period of accelerated growth, and the energy your case during this time can aid in business or creative ventures you undertake, bringing your ambitions closer to fruition. Your emphasis during the month of the Alder Moon should be on harnessing your hidden potential.

Balance in work

Focusing on the Moon’s influence during this month will also help you to being a sense of balance to your work. The power of the Alder Moon will be able to unite your intuitive side with a pragmatic approach to planning.

Fertility and courage

The alder tree is also known as the King of the waters (with the willow tree as its Queen) because its natural habitat is near lakes, rivers and streams. It actually grows with its roots in the water and its branches in the air and for this reason is associated with balancing of female and male energies.

Symbols of fertility

When the wood of the alder tree is cut, it turns from white to red, both of which are colours long associated with the Goddess’ fertility. The buds of the alder tree also grow in spirals that are a symbol of regeneration and a reminder of the cycle to come.

Wood for weapons

The Celts traditionally used charcoal made from the alder tree in the making of their weapons. This work was carried out in spring – in preparation for the hunting season to start.

Alder Moon energy

The month of the Alder Moon is the ideal time to focus on balancing your life, setting new goals for yourself and working to achieve them with energy and enthusiasm.

Yin-Yang meditation

The Yin-Yang is a symbol of male and female energies in perfect balance, and is an ideal symbol to use in meditation. Remember to wear comfortable clothes and relax your body.

  1. Look at the Yin-Yang and let your gaze become blurred. Close your eyes while holding the image in your mind.
  2. Concentrate on letting your in-breath become equal with your out-breath.
  3. Focus on the Yin-Yang symbol and let other thoughts drift away.

Achieving balance in your life

During the month of the Alder Moon, try to bring more balance into you life with the following tips

Balance your books

Check your bank balance. Always overdrawn? Find four ways you can economise this month. Small symbolic steps let the powers of the universe know that you are ready for some big changes.

Balanced Diet

Are you eating a balanced diet? Remember that your body is a temple. Valuing yourself is the first step to getting what you want.

Balance your emotions

Take up Yoga or Tai Chi during the Alder Moon. The balance of spirituality and physical exercise stimulates feelings of well-being. Your improved posture will radiate poise and confidence to the outside world.

Drink plenty of water

Take your lead from the alder tree, drink plenty of water and breathe deeply. You will find you have more energy to make your dreams come true this spring.

Chocolate love ritual

Perform this simple ritual with your partner to help your love grow stronger.
You will need:

  • A chocolate Easter egg
  • A pin
  • A red candle
  • Matches
  1. Create a romantic setting in the room you wish to use for your ritual with soft music and scented candles.
  2. Sit facing your partner, look into each others eyes and breathe deeply.
  3. Light the candle, then take it in turns to say these words to each other, “Beneath this Alder Moon I offer my love to you, may it grow ever stronger and ever clearer, so mote it be.”
  4. Both use the pin to scratch four things you love about each other onto the chocolate egg.
  5. Have fun feeding each other pieces of the egg.
  6. Let the red candle burn down. Your love will grow in the year ahead.
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