Celtic Ivy Moon

Ivy Moon: Celtic Tree Calendar

The Ivy Moon coincides with the end of the harvest season when successes and losses must be accounted for. In ancient times, intoxicating ale was brewed from ivy and was used to induce visions of the battlefield.

The plant teaches us that restrictions are necessary to help us hone our skills. During this month remember that your enemies are your teachers and that opposition is a blessing in disguise. Focus on energy that strengthens your resolve.

Prepare for the future

Energy that boots your sense of responsibility will make you ready for what lies ahead. Be prepared to take the long-term view and accept and celebrate your life as it is right now. Trust that the Ivy Moon will prepare you to receive an answer to your prayers at exactly the right time. Be patient and you will be guided to your answer.

The ritual of the ‘ivy girl’

Ivy grows in a spiral formation reminding us that each cycle of the seasons brings us closer to the centre, to spirit. The last harvest sheaf to be cut in the village was once bound with ivy and called the ivy girl. This was given to the farmer whose harvest was last, as a reminder of his responsibility to the spirits of the land.

Ivy mythology

Ivy is ruled by the planet Saturn and is often linked with horned gods such as Pan and Dionysus, and as such is a plant of protection, sexuality, prosperity and faith.

Ivy was also believed to protect from alcoholic intoxication. For this reason, intertwined vines of grape and ivy, representing balance, were depicted in ancient images of Dionysus.

Ivy Moon energy

You can use the month of the Ivy Moon for energy and rituals for protection, or harness its energy to make charms that will strengthen resolve and help you face challenges.

House protection energy

Utilise the magic of ivy to protect your home from negative influences.
You will need:

  • A black candle
  • lots of ivy branches
  1. Light the candle and say, “I call upon the spirits of this place, come in peace.”
  2. Make a circle of ivy branches on the floor and step into the centre.
  3. Turn to the north and recite, “Spirits of the Earth protect me.”
  4. To the east say, “Spirits of air protect me.”
  5. To the south say, “Spirits of fire protect me.”
  6. To the west say, “Spirits of water protect me.”
  7. Place the branches that formed your circle at the boundaries of your property.

Women’s Ivy charms

Ivy is a feminine plant as it is particularly lucky for women. Use the following ivy charms all year round to utilise ivy’s powerful magical properties.

  • Brides who carry or wear ivy will have a long, committed and prosperous marriage. Sew an ivy leaf into a small pocket of white linen and give this to a bride to slip into the hem of her wedding dress for luck.
  • To guard against accidents while driving, carefully secure an ivy leaf on the dashboard of your car.
  • Grow ivy vines around the front door of your house to prevent negativity from entering your home.

Facing challenges

performing this ritual during the Ivy Moon will help you to learn from difficult circumstances an move on. To perform this ritual you will need:

  • A piece of paper
  • A pen
  • A white candle
  • A fireproof dish
  1. Write a list of the troubles that you are experiencing.
  2. next to each one write what you have gained from it. For example ‘it made me stronger’.
  3. Light the candle saying, “This flame represents my faith in the universe. I give thanks for the lessons I have learned.”
  4. Burn the paper and feel yourself grow stronger.

Ivy energy bags

Use ivy energy to strengthen your will power.

  • Ivy leaves, ginger and echinacea placed in a yellow bag will guard against addictive behaviour.
  • Ivy leaves, chicory, sea salt and sage in a navy blue bag guard against overspending.
  • A charm of ivy leaves, hawthorn leaves and red chilli seeds placed in a white bag will help to keep you faithful to your lover.
  • Placing ivy leaves, lily petals and lilac flowers in a blue bag will prevent you from returning to a destructive relationship.
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