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Ash Moon: Celtic Tree Calendar

In ancient Europe, the winter’s ice began to thaw during the Celtic Month of Ash Moon. People ventured out of their homes and villages for the first time since the darkening days of late autumn. It is perhaps for this reason that this month is linked with journeys of all Kinds. Energy directed now should focus on transformation, moving you into a new space either physically or spiritually.

Taking time out

The month of the Ash Moon is a good time to start planning your summer holiday and to acclimatise your body to spending time outside. Cast energy forward that takes your inner energies on an excursion by harnessing natural forces, such as floating wishes downstream in a paper boat, or blessing a feather and letting it fly on the wind. Valentine’s Day also occurs near the time of the Ash Moon, so cast love energy that focuses on sharing your journey in the year ahead with someone special.

A sacred tree of magic

The ash has always been revered as a magical tree. In Scandinavian countries the universe was believed to be composed of a giant ash called Yggdrasil, and runes were traditionally made from ash wood. In Greece, ash trees are sacred to Poseidon, the god of the sea, and the wood was used to carve charms that protected against drowning.

Ash for the sick

Ash is renowned for its healing powers. Sick children were passed through the ash branches, and a bowl of water and ash leaves by the sick bed was an old remedy to speed healing.

In witchcraft, ash wood is traditionally used to make healing wands and the leaves from the ash tree are used to boost the power of protection and prosperity incenses.

Ash Moon energy

Use Ash Moon energy to focus your mind through meditation or move your life in a new direction. Use this month to create a healing wand or to cast love energy forward.

Journey energy

Use the ash to attract good fortune in all of your journeys, both physical and metaphysical.

  • Write a letter to the angels telling them what you want to change in your life and asking for help. Address it to paradise and ‘post it’ by burning the letter in a candle flame. Wait for your answer. It’s guaranteed that it will come in unexpected ways.
  • Draw an image of your wish on a luggage label and attach to a kite. Fly the kite and ask the spirits of the wind to make it come true.
  • Charge a feather by passing it through incense smoke and repeating your wish three times. Drop the feather from a bridge into a river to activate the energy.

Walking meditation

Practising this technique during the Ash Moon will free your mind from stress and attract solutions to your problems. You will need a smudge stick, a bunch of herbs – usually white sage – that is used to ‘smudge’ or cleanse an area with smoke.

  1. Light a smudge stick, then take time to relax and breathe deeply.
  2. Direct the smoke around your body, taking time to cleanse your aura, and say, “Spirit I walk this journey and invite you to join me. May each step be sacred.”
  3. Set out on a walk that takes you through nature. Everything on your journey has a message for you, so relax and enjoy it.
  4. On your return write down any animals you encountered and unusual sights or flashes of inspiration you received.

A healing wand

Harness the healing powers of the ash to make a wand.

  1. Lay your hands on an ash tree’s trunk and say, “Magical tree I ask for a wand infused with your power to heal.”
  2. Cut a branch the length of your forearm and the thickness of the base of your index finger.
  3. Shave off the bark and decorate with a soldering iron. Runes and spirals are appropriate.
  4. Charge the wand my leaving it in spring water overnight. Use your wand whenever you are going to direct healing energy.

Ash love energy

Valentine’s Day falls close to the Ash Moon, so cast your energy to attract romance.
You will need:

  • Red candle
  • Valentine’s card
  • Three red rose petals
  • Red pen
  1. Light the candle saying, “Flame of desire, light the fire, three kisses and love will come.”
  2. Kiss each rose petal and place them in the card.
  3. Close the envelope an seal with red wax.
  4. Send the card to your lover, or carry it as a talisman to attract love.
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