Crystal Work: The Magic of Emerald

Emerald occupies an important place in many mythologies. According to the bible, it was believed that when Lucifer was cast out of paradise an emerald fell from his forehead, from which formed the Holy Grail. The ancients also believed that the Greek god Hermes recorded the laws of magic upon an emerald tablet.

Mythical gem

Emerald symbolises psychic powers, purity and immortality. It was once believed that light-coloured varieties of the gem were found in the nests of griffins. Emeralds were often carried by sailors due to the belief that they could calm the seas and ensure safe travels, therefore bringing good fortune.

Associated with the Heart Chakra, emerald was thought to lose its colour or turn brown if a partner was unfaithful and, as a charm, it was used to ward away lustful thoughts.

The Emerald in Ancient Egypt

The Ancient Egyptians believed that their god Thoth gave them the gift of emerald and that the stone symbolised the season of spring. For this reason, the Egyptians dedicated the emerald to eternal youth, and it is sometimes called the 'stone of spring'. The emerald was also sacred to Horus, whose titles included 'prince of the emerald stone'.

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Emerald Charms

The uat (papyrus sceptre) amulet was usually cut from emerald and placed in the throat of mummies during the process of embalming. This crystal charm served to protect the soul of the deceased and granted the person the youthful vigour of spring on the journey through the Underworld.

The figure Isis was sometime carved upon the emeralds, standing with a scarab beetle above her head, for use as talismans of good fortune.

Using your Emerald

Whether you want to invoke the goddess Artemis, protector of women, or simply soothe over-strained eyes, emerald will prove a very effective and beneficial stone.

The Truth Stone

Emerald was known as a revealer of truth, and illusions and enchantments were thought to be ineffective or dispersed around its purity. If you have doubts about something you have been told, and desire to find out if it's true, try this spell.

  • Put an emerald or a piece of emerald jewellery under your tongue, and meditate upon the information you have been given.
  • If the emerald gives you a strong feeling that the person has told you a lie, trust your feelings of intuition.
  • Likewise, if the stone seems to build up some hear in your mouth, it is thought to indicate the emerald's displeasure at the absence of truth.

Treating Eye Strain

Emerald's green colour is soothing to the eyes and in the Middle Ages engravers would often keep this gem on their desks to look at and relieve eye strain. If your eyes get tired when using a computer at work, try using emerald to bring relief.

  • Hold an emerald to each eye in turn for a few minutes and feel its tranquil, cooling energy soothe you. Allow the pure green rays of healing and balance to radiate from the precious stone, transforming any stress and tiredness into clarity and feelings of self-confidence.
  • In the Orient, this practice was thought to strengthen the memory and intelligence.

Aid Pregnancy

In Ancient Greece emeralds were used to ease the pain of childbirth. The stone was usually suspended from a cord so that it hung against the abdomen, where it could exert its influence closest to where it was most needed. This was also believed to ensure an easy delivery.


The Greeks believed emerald was sacred to the Moon goddess Artemis an so the stone was thought to protect women, especially when pregnant. If you are suffering from an injury or have moderate discomfort, such as morning sickness, when pregnant, call upon Artemis with an emerald. When you invoke the goddess, praise her by saying the incantation below.

"Fierce and beautiful Artemis, protectress of women, lend me your strength to help overcome this pain"

Cure Migraines

Emerald has a calming effect on the mind as well as the eyes and as such it is ideal for migraine sufferers. An old Christian charm for curing migraines from the 12th century used emeralds. To help cure a migraine follow this simple ritual.

  • Breathe on an emerald until it is damp and warm.
  • Rub the stone to your temples and forehead in a circular motion.
  • Place the stone in your mouth and after a few seconds the pain should ease.