Aromatherapy: Lavender for Beauty and Home

Soothing Hand Lotion

50ml unperfumed lotion (available at chemists, health stores and supermarkets) or a base body lotion.

10 drops diluted lavender oil

5 drops pure palmarosa essesntial oil

aromatherapy moisturiser

Stir well to blend in the oils and store in a small cosmetic pot. Use a small amount after doing housework, washing up or gardening, or apply at bedtime so that the lotion soaks in thoroughly overnight.

Zingy Body Splash

Good for sultry summers or when winter central heating dries your skin, this splash is great for freshening up you and your skin - but be careful if your skin is sensitive to alcohol.

10ml vodka
3 drops pure lavender essential oil
2 drops pure grapefruit essential oil
1 drop pure palmarosa essential oil
200ml spring water

Shake the oils and vodka together in a jar, then add the water and shake again. Store in an atomiser in the fridge and shake before use.

Old-fashioned Lavender Water

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It's a classic that has been use for generations and it's one of the simplest aromatherapy treats to make.

600g fresh lavender heads

1 ltr spring water

Heat the water and put it in a jar with the lavender heads. Shake well and leave the jar somewhere sunny for 24 hours. Filter the lavender out using a coffee filter. If you want a stronger smell, repeat the process, adding more lavender. Store in an atomiser or bottle in the fridge.

Soothing Bath Blends

Fill the bath, then add the oils.

Lavender, mandarin and gernaium
2.5ml diluted lavender oil
1 drop pure mandarin essential oil
1 drop pure geranium essential oil

Lavender and vetivert
2.5ml diluted lavender oil
4 drops pure vetivert essential oil
1 drop pure lavender essential oil

Lavender, geranium and petitgrain
2.5ml diluted lavender oil
2 drops pure geranium essential oil
1 drops pure petitgrain essential oil

Refreshing Burner Blend

Filing your home with subtle aromas is best done using a burner. This recipe should wake up your senses. To energise the body or mind, fill the small bowl of the burner with water. Then add:

5 drops pure lavender essential oil
2 drops pure lemon essential oil
1 drop pure grapefruit essential oil

aromatherapy tools burners

Light a night light candle under the bowl to heat the oils. Never leave unattended and top up with water regularly so the bowl does not run dry.

Colour in the Home

The many shades of lavender can bring a welcoming freshness to any room in the home. Most people associate lavender with country gardens and fields, with fresh air and sunny skies. This has a direct psychological effect, lifting the spirits.

Lavender lacks the formality of regal purple and is easy to work with. It's often thought of as a feminine colour but when combined with its opposite colour - bold, bright yellow - or even a deep, dark blue it can work well in masculine rooms.

Lavender cushions, blinds and furnishing covers calm down a bright stressful room, or add colour to a bland bathroom or lounge, and are a good place to start introducing this highly beneficial colour to your home.

Lavender Sachets

fragrant aromatherapy purses

Ideal for your airing cupboard, or linen drawers, these small, decorative sachets last for ages.

You will need:

  • Organza
  • Embroidery thread and needle
  • Sewing thread
  • Dried lavender
  • Lavender oil
  1. For each sachet, cut two 12cm squares of organza. Place the wrong sides together and machine stitch a 1cm seam around three of the sides. Turn through to the right side and fill with lavender. Be careful not to put too much into each sachet - there should be room in the sachet, helping it to give off scent. Drop a little essential oils onto the dried lavender for an extra long lasting aroma. Pin and then slip-stitch the fourth side together.
  2. Using three strands of embroidery thread, sew a decorative border around the edges. Chain stitch, feather stitch or French knots would work well. Bear in mind, however, that if you want to refill these sachets at a later stage, complicated stitching will make them more difficult to reopen.