Crystal Work: The Magic of Crystals

Today's society seems to have rediscovered the magic of crystals. It's amazing how many people wear stones in jewellery, and how many have them placed around the house. This is not a new trend - our fascination with crystals stretches back to the stone age.

Ancient and Modern

Virtually every culture and religion throughout history has used stones symbolically, decoratively or practically. The beauty and scarcity of precious stones, as well as the feelings they inspire, makes them very valuable.

Many crystals also have practical uses which we can incorporate into our daily lives. Crystals can be used very effectively to gather and direct the magical energy that exists all around and within us. Like ancient mystics, we can learn to use them for protection, luck and healing.

How Crystals Work

Each crystal has its own magical abilities and attributes, but all work in the following way:

Vibrational Balance

The magic of crystals is in their colour, which is determined by the rate at which their atoms vibrate. These vibrations can be matched to the energy given off by your body's aura.

Channel Energy

Just as light can be focused and refracted through crystals, so too are all kinds of psychic energy, from healing energies to divine communications.

Using Crystals in Magic

Most crystals are more than simply beautiful, by understanding their magical associations you can find out how to best use them in jewellery, healing and energy work.

Using Crystals in Energy Work

When using crystals in energy work, combine them with objects that have complementary colour associations.

You can use crystals to channel the energies your work manipulates.
Rub or anoint your crystals with complementary essential oils to boost their healing and protective abilities.
Crystals can help you to foretell the future, including the ancient art of gazing into a crystal ball.
Crystals have been used as lucky charms for tens of thousands of years. They are even mentioned in the bible.

Chakra crystals

Jewellery and Ornaments

The Celts believed that garnet helps you to find the courage to face a conflict and gives you the energy you need to take action. Wear a Celtic design garnet brooch near to your heart for emotional strength.

By wearing crystals in jewellery you can keep their healing and regulating vibrations close to your body's energy at all times.

Enhance your health and wellbeing by learning which stones work best in which jewellery items. Wear crystals that increase loving vibrations on brooches over the heart, and those that improve communication on pendants around your throat.

Understand lucky birthstones so that you can personalise the gifts of jewellery you give to your friends.

Find out why diamonds are the favourite engagement ring stone and the significance of ruby weddings.

Healing with Crystals

Crystals can be used in a variety of ways to aid healing.

crystal healing

Crystals influence the energy vibrations of your aura, balancing energy to flow to, from and through your body.
You can make gem remedies by soaking a crystal in a glass of clear water. This imbues the water with the healing properties of the stone.