Crystal Work: Healing with Crystals

Crystals are composed of minerals, and are therefore part of the Earth to which we all belong. Their fantastic colours come from the precise alignments of their molecules and the energy given off as these molecules vibrate. These energy vibrations can be harnessed and attuned to the energy of your 'subtle body' - or soul - and used to balance disruptions in the physical plane that can cause illness and distress.

Healing Strokes

To amplify and channel the natural energies around you, hold your crystal and imagine gold energy passing up from the Earth, through your feet, up your body, into your heart and then out along your arms and through your hands, to be focused through the crystal you hold. Direct it towards the affected body area. Rubbing a crystal over the area helps to focus the energy.

Using Healing Wands

Many crystal healers use crystal wands to help focus and direct energy into their patient. Most healing wands are made of clear quartz, which is a good general healing stone, but they can be made out of any crystal.

crystal wand

One end of the wand is shaped with a point, the other is a rounded ball.

Channelling Healing Energy

Wands are particularly useful in channelling healing energy from one person into another. When pointed at a particular Chakra, the wand focuses energy like a lens, stimulating the Chakra as energy flows into the patient.

Using Oils with a Healing Wand

Aromatherapy oils are often used in conjunction with crystals. A small polished crystal or the rounded end of a wand can be used to massage healing oils into the pulse points, complementing the healing powers of the crystal itself.

Crystal Healing Exercises

Use these simple crystal healing exercises to bathe your body and spirit in the soothing vibrations given off by your crystals.

Crystals in Massage

Rubbing a crystal over the affected part of the body while directing healing energy through yourself works well, particularly when combined with light massage strokes. Spheres and eggs are particularly good for this.

Acupressure Points

acupressure points

Use small, pointed healing wands to press gently on your acupressure points. This has the dual effect of helping to clear blockages in your body while directing healing energy straight to the points where it will have the most effect.

Crystal Centring

Meditating with your crystal for a few minutes can help your body attune itself to the gem's healing vibrations.

  • sit comfortably with your crystal either cupped gently in your hands, or held against the centre of your forehead. This helps to stimulate your intuition, giving you a new perspective on any concerns you may have.
  • As you meditate, focus on the crystal and imagine energy pouring through it into your body, balancing your natural energy and calming turmoil and anger.

Cleansing your Body

Use a clear quartz crystal to cleanse your body by passing it gently over each of your energy centres in turn.

Start to cleanse your body's energy by holding your crystal a few centimetres in front of your face, level with your Crown Chakra.

Gently draw your crystal down your body, passing over each of your Chakras in turn. You may choose to pause for a moment at each Chakra.