Crystal Work: Healing with Crystal Layouts

When you perform crystal healing, you may prefer to use a layout of a number of stones, rather than a single crystal. You can use some layouts on yourself and others on friends, as some require crystals being positioned in places that a person cannot physically reach. You can place layouts anywhere on the body, although putting them around the affected area and the Chakra will help focus the healing energy where it's really needed.

The Seal of Solomon

For stress relief, try using the Seal of Solomon - a layout named after the six-pointed star symbol attributed to King Solomon in ancient texts. Place six quartz points facing outwards in a star around the heart area, with a rose quartz in the centre. After five minutes turn the points around so they face inwards for five minutes, you should now be feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Where to use Crystals

The Seal of Solomon can be used on other parts of the body, to balance and energise the appropriate area.

The principle behind the direction of the quartz points, in this and other layouts, lies in negative or excess energy being released when the points face outwards, and positive, healing energy being channelled into the body when they face inwards.

solomons seal

Locate the Area

If you're uncertain of where to apply healing, you can use a crystal pendulum with a friend. Lie down on the floor while your friend swings the pendulum slowly over your whole body. The spot where the crystal's movement becomes more vigorous is the spot that needs healing.

Your Healing Layouts

Four crystal layouts are provided here for you to try at home with a friend. Allow five to ten minutes after placing the stones for their effects to be felt and repeat daily if needed.

General balance

This layout may be used for any condition or for general energising, as it balances all the body's energies. Get a friend to place the crystals on your body, if you find the layout too awkward to carry out by yourself.

Amethyst crystal

Place an amethyst, to energise the mind, on your Third Eye Chakra.
Place a labradorite, to energise the body, on the Throat Chakra.
Place a rose quartz, which harmonises and gently energises your emotions, on the heart.
Place an ox eye, to energise the body and strengthen the aura, just above the public bone.
Now relax, close your eyes and quietly recite the mantra 'om' for a few minutes.

Ease PMT

This layout is good for women suffering with bad PMT symptoms and menstrual cramps.

Place a crysocolla, to release muscular tension, 5cm to the right of the navel, and a malachite, to ease menstrual pain, 5cm to the left.
Place a jet, to absorb emotional negativity, at the top of the pubic bone to form a downwards pointing triangle.
The triangle represents water and emotions, and also encompasses the Sacral Chakra, which deals with menstruation. It produces a balancing and releasing circuit.

The 'X' layout

This layout is for those times when events may shake you and you need to let go of your emotions.
The 'X' layout uses quartz points in the formation of an 'X' around an amazonite, to release stress, and a turquoise, to absorb negative emotion.

quartz points

Position an amazonite just below the navel. Place four quartz points in an 'X' around it. The points should be facing inwards to balance emotional energies.
Now place a turquoise over the heart, with four quartz points, facing outwards, in an 'X' around it, to release emotional distress.

An Energising Recuperation Layout

This is an energising layout to help you, or someone you know, on the road to recovery after a long illness. you will need the following crystals:

  • Carnelian, to enhance energy levels and restore physical balance.
  • Four quartz points, to help focus the energies of the body and boost them.
  • Rhodonite, to help balance the energies of the body.
  • Topaz, to help regenerate the body's defences.

Place the four quartz crystals by each foot and hand. The points should be facing inwards to send healing energy into the body.

Place the carnelian just above the pubic bone.

Now place the rhodonite over the heart.

Place the topaz over the Third Eye Chakra.