Crystal Work: The Magic of Citrine Quartz

Citrine is from the quartz family of crystals and shares many of their characteristics. Natural citrine is quite rare, but heat-treated amethysts take on the same colour as citrine and are often sold as such. However, this is not a problem as both natural and heat-treated citrines have very similar properties.

The most important aspect of citrine is that it is a self-cleansing crystal, which is unique. Quite simply, unlike any other crystals, citrine does not absorb negative energy, but rather, it transforms negative vibrations into positive ones. This is why citrine doesn't need to be cleansed, although, it is still nice to include it in the process of energising your crystals. This is also why citrine plays an important role in all crystal healing. Indeed, in the healing practice of druid tradition, citrine was considered indispensable. Today, you will find that citrine is a crystal present in most healing rooms, as well as the consulting rooms of clairvoyants, to ensure that the atmosphere remains balanced and negative energy is dispersed.

Citrine is also known as 'the thief's stone; due to its association with the Greek god Hermes who, when only a few days old, stole Apollo's herd of cattle. It is believed that carrying citrine would help the bearer avoid getting into trouble, and the stone was popular with criminals.

hermes stealing apollos cattle

Citrine was also thought to protect the bearer from snake venoms and from evil thoughts.

Due to its rarity in most of the world, citrine appears less frequently in folklore and magical traditions in comparison to many other stones. It is mentioned in the Bible, however, and has been used by Hebrews and ancient Romans.

Healing with Citrine

The most valued aspect of citrine is the balancing effect it has on the body, mind and energy fields of our whole system. When the body is in balance, we are at our peak - all our systems work together at their best, waste products are eliminated and healing can take place. This allows the body to reserve its energy rather than expending it on neutralising the effects of a modern life. In short, citrine helps us cope with any sudden demands, such as stress, illness or emotional challenges.

The colour of citrine ranges from yellow to golden brown, which is why it is often mistaken for amber. However, because it is a form of quartz, citrine is thought to be able to connect to much higher vibrations than amber. Quartz goes deep into the root of the problem, allowing the causes to surface and be resolved. Like amber, citrine is believed to work on the energy field of the body via the solar plexus - balancing subtle energy and aligning all the Chakras. Healers believe that the Chakras are centres of communication between the physical body and the subtle body, and when they are perfectly aligned, communication between the two is enhanced, improving our powers of intuition and spirituality.


Citrine's combination of golden colour (representing the Stomach Chakra) and quartz vibrational energy, means that it can help you through emotionally difficult times.

In crystal healing, the solar plexus is an important centre of power, so citrine is often used by healers to activate the Chakra, which in turn, encourages creativity and decision-making and helps you to work towards your goals.

Citrine creates a neutral environment for finding a solution and is useful in disputes within families, relationships or business, or for clearing the atmosphere in a room that has witnessed an argument or other emotional trauma. In spiritual healing, citrine is used to help balance the flow of energies between the lower and higher Chakras, helping us to deal with fear, promoting creativity and generally encouraging a more optimistic outlook.

On a physical level, citrine is associated with the digestion and is thought to help the body eliminate toxins.

Working with Citrine

Citrine is a wonderful healing and purifying stone - you can use it to ease digestive problems, aid detoxing and enhance your psychic awareness.

Blessing your Citrine Stone

Medieval Scots often blessed citrine before leaving it in a sacred well or spring - a practice that shows how Christian and Pagan elements often mingled in local folklore. In ancient times, citrine was believed to ward off plague.

Linked to Topaz

Scotland is one of the few places where citrine is found naturally, and it is often known as 'Scottish topaz', although it is also sometimes known as 'spanish topaz'.

scottish citrine

Scottish Citrine Blessing:

"Let me dip thee in the water. Thou yellow beautiful gem of power. In water of purest wave, which pure was kept by Bridget. In the name of the apostles twelve. In the name of Mary, virgin of virtues, and in the name of the high trinity and all the shining angels. A blessing on the gem, a blessing on the water and a healing of all bodily ailments to each suffering creature"

Citrine for Healing

Citrine is particularly efficient at bringing relief to health disorders concerning the gallbladder, heart, kidneys, liver, colon and digestive organs.

The crystal's beneficial energies work best with the Sacral, Stomach and Heart Chakras. Hence, citrine's healing powers are most effective on organs in the trunk of the body.

Lie down and place a piece of citrine on the affected part of your body. Visualise the Sun's healing golden rays being focused through the citrine like a lens, flowing through and bathing that area in soothing, healing energy, easing stresses and tensions.

Eliminate Toxins

If you are on a diet or detoxing after unhealthy binges, regular excessive drinking and/or smoking, citrine can help to eliminate these toxins from your body.

citrine water


When dieting or detoxing, place a piece of citrine in your drinking water for a few minutes, then take it out and return it to your pocket. Sip the water through the day.

Citrine is a stone of abundance and plenty, but of healthy abundance. Therefore, it you are dieting, its golden colour can help to promote relaxation and balance your appetite, thus boosting your will-power.

Psychic Awareness

Citrine is a good stone to keep around you if you wish to develop your psychic abilities, especially if you have problems trusting and acting on your instincts.

Hold a piece of citrine in your hand when you are doing any psychic work, such as scrying or psychometry.

Keep citrine on your desk at work to enhance reasoning and inspiration.