Aromatherapy and Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing focuses on restoring balance to the energy fields around and inside you: the subtle energy body. The exterior energy is known as the aura, an ever-changing energy field surrounding the body, while systems such as the Chakras and Chinese meridians give detailed maps of the energy flow inside the body. Fragrance is combined with healing because appropriate scents can be of help in affecting this subtle energy body.

Tap into Spiritual Frequencies

By establishing the problem that needs healing you can make a suitable blend to be combined with the spiritual healing technique you are using, such as reiki. Try using an oil that has healing effects on the complaint you're treating, combined with an oil for relaxation or one to lift the spirits to aid recuperation. You can also use oils to balance your recipient's Chakras or aura and, most importantly, to activate their higher spiritual frequencies and allow your restorative work to take effect.

Working Together

Spiritual healing traditions are numerous and you will no doubt favour one, or a small number, for your healing work. Happily, using essential oils alongside all these therapies is very easy. Combine aromatherapy with colour therapy by balancing energy with appropriate oils, or learn how oils can work alongside reiki.

Boost and Combine

Use Chakra healing to discover how aromatherapy can balance your Chakras, do this by making your own incense, which you can also bun while performing other healing techniques. Essential oils can also be very useful when you ask for help from angels, especially when summoning them, as each has a preferred scent or type of scents.

Combination Healing

Use one or more of these blends to complement your spiritual healing session and speed up the process of recovery that you'll initiate.

Aromatherapy Blend to Activate Healing

Many forms of spiritual healing, such as reiki and energy channelling, rely on healing energy being directed through the energy centres (minor Chakras) in the hands.

To facilitate this you can use an aromatherapy blend to help open the Chakras in your hands, making the flow of energy from them easier and more effective.

anointing palms

Make a blend using 6 drops of lavender, 2 drops of geranium and 2 drops of rose in 35ml of sweet almond carrier oil.

The lavender will balance your emotions and induce a sense of peace and relaxation. Geranium refreshes your psyche and aids concentration. Rose bring harmony and balance and stimulates your mind. As well as opening your energy centres, these oils will alter your mindset so as to prepare you for healing work.

Before performing your healing, anoint the palms of your hands with a few drops of the oil, and rub it in, using the index and middle fingers of the other hand, in a clockwise motion, to activate the healing energy centres in the hands and promote the flow of healing energy.

By rubbing your hands together, with the palms flat, in a clockwise manner you can further energise them.

Grounding and Balancing

Burning a grounding blend in your oil burner while performing spiritual healing will benefit both you and the person you are healing. In such cases it is preferable to use spring water rather than tap water in your oil burner, as the base to put the oils in.

Again you may vary the oils for specific conditions, but otherwise use this general purpose blend.

Add 3 drops of clary sage and 3 drops of benzoin oils to the water in your oil burner. This blend will help you both feel balanced during the healing and grounded afterwards.

You can also combine burning this blend with anointing you and your recipient.

Receiving Healing

By anointing the person you are working on, you will magnify the beneficial effects of the healing.

If the person is happy for you to do so, gently massage a small amount of the blend into their skin at the afflicted area, or for all-over healing you can anoint their pulse points.

aromatherapy pulse points

You may wish to vary the blend so you can use oils for particular conditions, but a good general-purpose blend for receiving healing is 4 drops of chamomile, 3 drops of frankincense and 3 drops of cedarwood oils in 35ml of sweet almond carrier oil.

Remember you should not massage oils into areas with scars, burns or serious skin problems, and check for potential allergy problems before applying any oils.