Aromatherapy: Oils for Curing Insecurity

When you feel happy and confident then chances are you also feel content and secure about life. Insecurities tend to arise through nagging doubts and worries - most often about what others might think of you. To banish insecurity you need to shift the balance back to being happy - then nothing else will seem to matter as much.

Stimulate your Senses

Oils that stimulate and uplift emotions are perfect for restoring happiness. Have massages and scented baths to pamper yourself and get the full benefit of the essential oils. This will help you to relax and put you in a more positive frame of mind.

Blending Oils to help Banish Insecurity

All of these blends should be made using 35ml of the carrier oil of your choice and dispatched into easy to carry bottles.

lemon aromatherapy

Top Note

Middle Note

Base Note

Stimulating senses

3 drops lemon

2 drops nutmeg

5 drops sandalwood

Feeling happy

6 drops lemongrass

4 drops rose

2 drops cinnamon

Remembering good times

3 drops basil

3 drops rosemary

4 drops frankincense

Feeling secure

2 drops petitgrain

4 drops lavender

3 drops myrrh

Your Cures for Insecurity

Negativity and lack of rest will only prolong feelings of insecurity. Use aromatherapy to allow in positive thoughts and to rejuvenate your senses, so that you feel happy again.

Stimulating the Senses

When you feel insecure, you often withdraw from your senses. But this is exactly the time when you should stimulate your feelings to appreciate the good things in your life. The things that make you feel secure. A major contribution to feeling secure is having a nice home environment.

Make sure your home is tidy and burn the 'stimulating the senses' blend whenever possible, or spray from a vaporiser in all your rooms. Use this blend in your shampoo and conditioner too, so that you will feel its effects for hours afterwards, in whatever situation the day throws at you.

aromatherapy tools electric diffuser

A Good Nights Sleep

Aromatherapy alone won't help you to feel secure about yourself - it's important that you also get enough rest. Insecurities can wear you down by causing poor sleep patterns, you lie awake worrying, or toss and turn in your sleep. Insufficient rest leaves you with little energy to feel positive, which in turn leads to poor quality sleep again. It's a vicious cycle. You can use oils to help you relax before bedtime and to facilitate deep sleep so you wake the next morning feeling well-rested an bright. Make the 'feeling secure' blend and add it to a warm bath in the evening. Put a couple of drops on your pillow lining or a piece of muslin inside your pillowcase, so that you breathe in the aroma throughout the night.

Recall the Good Times

Scent is the most potent stimulator of memory, so the 'remembering good times' blend can easily help you to recall happy events from your past, and encourage you to do the things that you enjoy and want to achieve in life.

aromatherapy facial steaming

Mix the essential oils for the 'remembering good times' blend and add it to a bowl of very hot water for steam inhalation. As you rest your head over the bowl, covered with a towel, allow yourself to meditate and visualise those positive memories, this will banish those insecurities.

Use the blend as a perfume also, as this will help stimulate more positive thoughts, especially if worn at places with happy memories.

Promote Happiness

It's a fact that when you feel happy you feel secure. Just as the Sun banishes dark, sombre clouds from the sky, so a bright, sunny mood will banish black thoughts and prevent worries from clouding your mind. So if you are feeling insecure a good way to deal with it is by making yourself happy.

Watch the Black Clouds fly Away

Easier said than done? Achieving happiness involves taking a holistic approach to the situation and using aromatherapy combined with activities you enjoy. For example, do something that you have been wanting to do, but have not gotten round to. And when you engage in that activity, spray yourself with a body perfume infused with the 'feeling happy' mix and enjoy yourself. Use this blend in your shampoo as well so you are ready to embrace the day ahead.