Aromatherapy: Oils for Feeling Irritable

There will be times in your life when you just feel plain irritable, you may find it irksome to socialise with your peers and struggle to keep your commitments. There are many causes for why you may be feeling this way, perhaps you just woke up on the wrong side of the bed or maybe you are suffering from stress or tiredness.

Banish the Irritation

There is little you can do to prevent yourself becoming irritated, but if your mood begins to dip then essential oils can help you by encouraging you to let go of pent-up stress. By taking some time out to relax you will be able to put things into perspective, which may help to brighten your outlook.

Blending Oils to Help you Overcome Irritation

All of these blends should be added to at least 35ml of base oil before using to treat feelings of irritability.

Top Note

Middle Note

Base Note

Overcoming oversensitivity

4 drops clary sage

2 drops marjoram
2 drops rosemary

2 drops patchouli

Dealing with overreaction

1 drop peppermint

3 drops chamomile
2 drops marjoram

2 drops cypress
2 drops frankincense

Easing irritability at a loved one

2 drops pine

3 drops melissa
1 drops rose

1 drop frankincense
3 drops sandalwood

Easing general irritability

3 drops juniper

3 drops chamomile
3 drops lavender

1 drop cypress
1 drop ylang ylang

Using Oils to Banish Irritation

Aromatherapy is renowned for its ability to lift your mood, and when you are stuck in an irritable state of mind it can be the perfect way to make you smile again.

Beating Oversensitivity

When you are irritable you can be much more sensitive to little things. Issues that normally wouldn't bother you suddenly assume major proportions and become a real problem. This oversensitivity can make everything seem like hell - being around noise, bright light, other people.

Immediately apply the 'overcoming sensitivity' blend to all of your pulse points and take a sniff from the bottle. This will help to get the beneficial and calming effects of the blend into your system immediately.

If possible, using the blend in a vaporiser spray or burner for an environmental effect is also recommended, adding the recipe oils to 50ml of water instead of the 35ml carrier oil.

aromatherapy atomiser

Irritability at a loved one

When you feel irritable you often take it out on loved ones. They are usually your first target as you expect them to forgive you in a way a stranger or acquaintance might not. It is, however, still a very unpleasant experience for the recipient of your bad temper, and a good way to overcome it before you do damage is to diffuse your irritability using some of the blends mentioned.

If it is your partner you are irritated with, ask them for a foot massage using the easing irritability blend and the pampering will soon help to shift the irritation. With other loved ones, put some of the blend on your pulse points or sniff it.

Easing General Irritability

When everything annoys you and nothing is going right, you have reached a state of general irritability. In such a state you are not receptive to overtures of sympathy or support and will be negative towards everything. At such times you should, if possible, take a long hot bath, with the 'easing general irritability' blend added to the waters.

aromatherapy pulse points

If you are out and about take a balm or small bottle of perfume if this blend with you, so you can apply it to your temples and pulse points to bring calm.

Overcoming Overreaction

Overreaction can be triggered by any little thing when you are feeling irritable. You might feel a sudden urge to destroy the television when someone comes on screen, and then wonder where on earth that reaction came from.

As soon as you feel yourself overreacting to something, it is time to take stock and try to calm down. When you overreact you can end up saying or doing things that have long-reaching consequences.

Far better to count to 10, take a deep breath and inhale from a bottle with the 'overcoming overreaction' blend in, or put some of it on your pulse points, using the time to calm down.