Aromatherapy: Healing with Bergamot

Refreshing bergamot oil is extracted from the almost ripe, yellow-green citrus fruit of bergamot trees. Its fruity, citrus scent with delicate, woody undertones has made it a valuable oil through the ages. Bergamot is refreshingly uplifting and stimulating. It acts on the central nervous system and is a good tonic for treating symptoms of 21st century living, such as stress, tension and anxiety. It is invigorating but not over-stimulating, helping the mind to achieve balance.

Useful medicinal properties

Bergamot has anti-spasmodic and calmative properties, useful in treating digestive problems. It can be used in abdominal massages to stimulate the appetite after illness and alleviate indigestion and painful trapped wind.

A valuable antiseptic and coolant, it is effective in treating infections and inflammation. It is especially useful for stress-relieving skin conditions.

Active Ingredients of Bergamot

Bergamot oil contains around 300 different compounds. The main components are:


Present in high concentrations, esters give bergamot its sweet citrus aroma. Linalyl acetate is a man constituent. It has sedative properties and prevents muscle spasms and swelling.


Terpenes are warming and slightly analgesic and provide bergamot's stimulating properties. The presence of both esters and monoterpenes explains why bergamot is both a sedative and a stimulant.

Using Bergamot Oil

Harness the uplifting properties of bergamot to enhance your concentration, refresh you in a morning shower or combat the symptoms of travel sickness.

Holiday Survival

Slip a bottle of ready-diluted bergamot into your holiday holdall. Remember to use bergaptene-free bergamot, as bergaptene is a sensitising agent which can cause the skin to react badly if exposed to sunlight.
Apply a few drops of bergamot and lavender oils to some lengths of ribbon. Hang these on your balcony at night to keep away mosquitoes while you sleep.

aromatherapy atomiser

Ease travel sickness an feelings of nausea with a cold compress of bergamot.

Cleanse the Skin

Skin antiseptic
This can be used on skin infections with other medications, but consult a doctor first.
30g unperfumed hypo-allergenic silica gel
20 drops pure bergamot essential oil
4 drops pure German chamomile essential oil
3 drops pure lavender essential oil

Mix together and apply to affected areas as required.

To eliminate pimples
Dilute 5 drops of bergamot and 5 drops of thyme in a tablespoon of grapeseed oil. Massage into the skin daily to clear your skin of blemishes.

A cooling body oil
Add 5 drops each of bergamot and lemon, 3 drops of neroli and 1 drop of rosemary to 50ml of sweet almond oil.

For oily skin
Mix 25ml of witch hazel, 75ml distilled water and 15ml glycerine. Add 5 drops of geranium, bergamot and 3 drops of sandalwood.

Mood Lifting Properties

Bergamot is a classic anti-depressant oil. Try the following blend when you need to ease a troubled mind, lift your spirits, or simply feel more positive.

30ml grapeseed oil
5 drops pure bergamot essential oil
5 drops pure neroli essential oil
5 drops pure rose otto essential oil

aroma neck massage

Use bergamot's invigorating properties to treat tiredness, anxiety and stress.
To alleviate tension headaches, try a firm neck and shoulder massage by adding a few drops each of bergamot and neroli to grapeseed oil.

If you have trouble getting up in the mornings, start the day with a refreshing and uplifting shower using bergamot soap.
Soothe feelings of agitation and anxiety by using calming bergamot in a room vaporiser.

Boost Concentration

Invigorating bergamot oil improves concentration by awakening the mind and promoting clearer thinking. Keep it close by for when you need an extra boost.

Sail through exams

Make tests and interviews easier with a fragrant and confidence-boosting blend of lavender, bergamot and grapefruit oil. Apply a few drops to a handkerchief and place in a top pocket.

Fight drivers fatigue

Apply a few drops of bergamot to a cotton wool pad and place near an air vent or use in a specially designed car vaporiser.

Computer screens bombard the body with positive ions. In the office, restore the natural balance of your body's energy with a refreshing room spray of negatively charged bergamot.