Crystal Work: The Magic of Blue Crystals

Blue is the first colour we recognise when we see coloured objects. Our eyes contain more receptive cells for blue than any other colour. The largest spaces we see are the sea and the sky. With the presence of blue so strong in our lives, it is easy to see why blue stones should be so appealing to us.

From the paler blues of aquamarine and turquoise through the medium blue of sapphire to the deep blues of sodalite and lapis lazuli, blue stones have fascinated us for many millennia.

The colour of communcation

Blue is the colour that stimulates the Throat Chakra, so blue stones are usually good for conditions associated with the throat and voice. Blue has a calming effect on the emotions and the mind and also expands as you look at it, creating the idea of space. Blue stones are therefore ideal for use when you feel distressed, or trapped by your current circumstances.

The Colour in Blue Crystals

Each colour of the spectrum has a specific rate of vibration, producing electromagnetic waves that can affect us physically and psychologically. The colour of a crystal is determined by the rate at which its atoms vibrate when light is refracted through it.

Blue light is created by electromagnetic waves from 4,300 to 4,900 angstroms long, with blue-green shades in the range 4,900 to 5,100 angstroms.

Blue has the second largest range of wavelengths, after red. It is therefore an extremely important and powerful presence in our lives.

Using Blue Crystals

Use blue crystals to calm your mind, expand your consciousness and help your thoughts and emotions to flow as smoothly as water.

Meditating with Blue Stones

The sense of space associated with blue helps these stones to expand consciousness. Their calming attributes relieve stress and worry.

Blue agate

Helps to bring feelings of tranquillity, and is good for easing phobias and panic attacks. Meditate on this stone if you feel overwhelmed by life.


Strengthens the mind to dispel fear and guilt, especially if you tend to be over sensitive or prone to guilty feelings.

Lapis lazuli

Empowering and can also improve your dreaming

Lapis Lazuli


Calms the mind, reducing mental tension and stress. Place a sapphire on your Third Eye Chakra during meditation to help you to deal with stress more positively and effectively.

Blue (sapphire) quartz

More focused to the realms of imagination and dreams than clear quartz. A piece under your pillow stimulates dreaming, improving recall and promoting lucidity.

Blue Crystals for Healing

Blue crystals can help to restore health and show you when you're overdoing it.

Throat problems

Hold a blue stone to a sore throat (kyanite is ideal) to help it to relax and ease the pain. You will feel your Throat Chakra vibrating at the same frequency as the stone.


You body's copper level changes when you undergo long periods of high stress. Keep a blue stone near you and its colour will alter too, warning you to slow down.

Blue Crystal Charms

Blue agate

Blue agate is a stone of the mind. It has the mercurial qualities of agate, but in a more earthy form.


Turquoise is associated with horse-riding. Known as the horseman's stone, it is attributed to Sagittarius.



With its watery name, aquamarine was believed by the Greeks and Romans to protect them when sailing.


Kyanite looks and feels like a piece of solidified ice that has somehow kept its watery pale blue colour. It is good for healing throat problems.

Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli has been prized and traded since 4000 BC in ancient Sumeria. Its golden flecks give it a magnificence that draws the eye.


Sodalite from the Latin 'sodalities' means 'a comrade'. Ancient Egyptian priests believed it helped strengthen the mind and dispel fear and guilt.


Blue quartz

Keep a piece of blue quartz under your pillow at night to help you to remember and control your dreams.


Sapphire brings serenity and tranquillity, aiding spiritual growth.

Blue Crystals and Water

Blue stones have elemental associations with water.

Water represents flow - the flow of emotions (tears) and the flow of information (electrical waves). Blue stones, especially aquamarine, can help to improve the flow of clear emotional distress brought by a lack of communication.

Place a crystal on your Sacral Chakra, put your hands over it and visualise the light of the sky and the sea being drawn into your body to wash away the emotional distress.

Blue stones can help with more literal watery blockages that can leave you feeling bloated. They encourage your body to release any excess water it may have retained.