Yuletide Thanks: Day 3

Yuletide thanks and projections. Merry Christmas

Day 3 of Yule: Reflective Thanks

Today is the third of 12 days traditionally with no work in favour of happiness and merriment with family and friends.

Enjoy the evergreen symbols of protection and rebirth you have brought into your house and continue to welcome those of family and friends as they contribute to the abundance of your surroundings. Light a fresh yule candle as a symbol of the returning light and place it upon your Yule log to burn brightly in your home as a shining reminder.

Today think back to May and June this year, when the countryside was alive with the greens of new growth and flowers, and the summer solstice brought the longest day and the shortest night of the year. At this time the crops were in full growth at the lead up to harvest and, as the Latin word ‘Solstitium’ indicates, it was as though the “sun stands still” with many a bar-b-que to be had to take advantage of the long days. What did this time of abundant light mean for you, was it a time of meeting with friends and seeing the fruits of your endeavours begin to take shape? Were your intentions for the year starting to bear the first fruits of success or were they taking on a direction that you’d not anticipated? Give thanks for the direction your life was taking even if it was unexpected at the turn of the seasons. Give thanks for the changes that came into your life knowing that change is a growth experience regardless of the pain it can sometimes bring.

Think about the abundance of full summer and the warmth of long days. Give thanks for the carefree nature that this time allows and the joyful feeling of the rejuvenating sun on your skin.

Think about your friends and what they mean to your life. Give thanks for your friends and their part in your journey through the year; be thankful for all those who supported you during this lead up to abundance as well as those that fell by the wayside in order for your path forward to become clearer.

Think about what it means for you to give your friendship in trust and love. Give thanks for your friendship with others as a supportive and restorative part of their journey as well as your own.

Enjoy the ritual of consuming your sweet/fruit/nut symbols of thanks

Have a happy Yule one and all

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