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Planetary Alignment: Venus in Leo

Practical Influences – Venus in Leo

When Venus enters Leo there is a demanding air with a need to feel special and warm. Your natural generous loyalty will shine through as will your high expectations of those around you. If these expectations are not met, you may be left feeling threatened in your relationships where indifference leaves you feeling insecure. You will be honest about your feelings during this alignment, never afraid to tell others exactly how they really feel.

You will have a need to feel loved at this time and may confuse this love with sexual attraction, hanging on to relationships that no longer serve you because of the investment you have made over time. This comes about due to your lack of confidence in love regardless of your affectionate and adoring nature at this time.  You may feel very insecure when rejected and could internally combust when that happens. Be careful not to become violent when dealing with rejection such as breaking mirrors or punching walls.

This alignment attracts colourful people who will cheer you on in your endeavours, this caters to your desire to take charge and shine in your social circle. You will feel a natural propensity towards performance and taking the spotlight, you will draw people to you that reflect your sunny outgoing personality. Having a lust for life, great courage, and a wonderful imagination, guarantees fun and excitement without a fear of what others think of you. You will find it easy to forgive those who wrong you, especially if they are thoughtful and show how much they really care by appreciating your demand for attention. You may experience a boastful pride about being able to love life in its biggest, most dramatic form. However, this can lead you to be very arrogant, where you may not have the capacity to understand that not everyone adores you. You can become blind to the needs of others and not even recognise when you have been harsh because your attention can become so focused upon yourself.

Venus in Leo highlights outgoing and entertaining energy, and anything dramatic or flamboyant will grab and keep your attention. Not only are you drawn to these things, you also want to engage them. Venus in Leo values unrestricted self-expression and relationships that are fully experienced with all of the romance of life that’s possible. you will love the arts, which are all about self expression, and will be attracted to the boldest and most genuine art you can find. Any art that expresses basic human passion will pull at your heart during this alignment. Art is about creativity and because creativity is the embodiment of self-expression, Venus in Leo brings a deep admiration for it. What’s more, regardless of whether or not you are creative, you will be attracted to people who are creative and at least dream about being creative yourself.

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