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Planetary Alignment: Venus in Cancer

Practical Influences – Venus in Cancer

When Venus enters Cancer you will feel sensitive and crave security, comfort and love. You may feel a little moody and desire to get attention, leading you to retreat into yourself. But generally you will concentrate on taking care of others’ feelings at this time. Emotional confrontation may leave you with a sense that you will be left due to a fear of rejection, this is because you need to feel secure and cared for at this time.


This alignment brings a long memory, where it is difficult to forget an injury. You may react emotionally to any circumstance, often remembering every word said during a confrontation. You may feel hurt easily but feel the need to hide this vulnerability behind your dignity. This cautious behaviour is your way of protecting yourself, as, if you get hurt emotionally, you can find it difficult to trust again. But, when surrounded by considerate loving attachments, you will be patient, appreciative, affectionate, and dependable.

Your intuition will be heightened with Venus in Cancer and you will find it easy to read others’ characters and feelings, You will feel drawn to those who need you and, being impressionable at this time, you can wisely pick up on their moods and nurture them accordingly. This ability lends itself to your having a second family of loyal friends who you keep in touch with no matter the distance. You will prefer to associate with people who operate on an emotional level and avoid the more emotionally detached types who aren’t as likely to consider your feelings.

Venus in Cancer brings acute self-awareness about your vulnerability which makes you move slowly through life at this time. You will approach things and people cautiously, moving sideways like a crab, never running head first into anything. You will feel the need to vet all possible dangers before moving forward with confidence. You will be perfectly capable of giving a person a taste of their own medicine if you are mistreated. You can give a cold shoulder, issue harsh remarks that cut deep, and be vengeful if you are betrayed and need to defend your feelings or emotional integrity.

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