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Planetary Alignment: Mercury in Cancer

Practical Influences – Mercury in Cancer

When Mercury is in Cancer you may feel sensitive and withdrawn, responding slowly to any impressions. This is due to the depth of your thoughts and your desire to meditate and reflect on your experiences. You will be very thoughtful of others and make a great listener, but may come across as shy through your gentle intuitive nature which likes to avoid arguments and confrontation. When you are confronted you will subtly respond and become quite hurt when others argue back, tending to take things very personally.


You will experience a wonderful memory and find it best to learn when you are balanced emotionally. This means remembering a lot of information by approaching subjects step by step. When you do focus on a subject, you dislike distractions and may withdraw to figure out your own opinion on the matter at hand rather than being influenced by others. This is because you will remember the mood surrounding all the moments you have stored in your memory, and words are not as important to you as the emotions behind them.

Mercury in Cancer brings a great deal of empathy, and you will find you are good at putting yourself into other peoples shoes. As you pick up on their feelings, you draw them out of their shell when they feel awkward or troubled. This makes you very intuitive and considerate of others, giving sympathy and support when needed. However you may have difficulty in being objective in certain situations unless you have experienced them personally.

You will find a lack of routine upsetting as you will prefer being a creature of habit. Take care not to sulk, become moody or defensive when unable to react with practical reasoning or when criticised. Remember that you are in touch with life’s deeper meanings. You may find you have a tendency to look to the past sometimes too nostalgically. Forward thinking and planning can cause apprehension and worry because of having to consider and accept the unknown.

Mercury in Cancer may not bring outstandingly intellectual ability, but does enhance your well meaning kindness. You will have a tolerance of human frailty based on an ability to sense the mental state of others and to sympathise with their problems and anxieties. You will respond to feelings as much as to facts, realising that if an individual feels something intensely, then this is a legitimate part of their world of reality.

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