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Planetary Alignment: Mercury in Aries

Practical Influences – Mercury in Aries

When Mercury enters Aries communications come as quick decisions with very little thinking things over. You will feel very direct and candid being quick to the point almost to aggression when faced with opposing ideas. This feeling comes from a frustration, sensitivity and defensiveness of your opinions felt during this alignment.

The energy at this time brings an innocent charm which forsakes details as irrelevant in favour of function and straightforward communication. The enthusiasm you feel at this time brings new ideas and visionary intelligence of an idealistic nature; take care not to take criticism or negative feedback personally while Mercury sits in Aries as this is a changeable time and you may move on to something more exciting.

You may feel very excited about promoting your new ideas at this time, this excitement will be infectious to others as you come across as motivating and fun in your narrative; don’t be disappointed and impatient if others do not share your passions, your decisions are you own and you must understand that it’s okay for others to sit on the fence if they are unsure.

Mercury in Aries brings a mental agility allowing you to think well on your feet. Obstacles in the path may feel terribly frustrating but don’t allow this to flow over to other areas in your life such as bad communication due to impatience. You may feel a lack of concentration over long periods and become opinionated with restless and nervous energy. Keep yourself busy during this alignment and avoid becoming a now-it-all with your sometimes tactless opinions just to win arguments. Let your confidence inspire others and learn to stick with important projects no matter how boring you feel the details may have become.

This alignment brings an impulsive, witty and inventive air which can lead to great conversations, you may not wish to delve too deeply into any one subject but your enthusiasm and sometimes brutal honesty will inspire others through your direct style. With Mercury in Aries it is sometimes beneficial to adopt some self restraint to stop your thoughts from translating directly into words. Sometimes a little more tact is more useful than the brute force of your honest words.

You will feel that your energy is endless at this time and will never get tired of learning and creating new projects. Capitalise on this forever youthful and spirited energy but be aware of the mischievous side to this nature and avoid causing a commotion and stirring things up just to impress people with your competitive mental strategies.

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