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Planetary Alignment Mars in Aquarius

Practical Influences – Mars in Aquarius

Mars in Aquarius brings with it an extreme and aggressive energy where you will feel like shaping the future to your own vision. While this is fine for your future it can lead you towards a god complex when believing you are the smartest, most intelligent, most knowledgeable person and everything around you should go according to your plan as well.

You will possess a unique progressive perspective of the future, overflowing with innovative and original ideas during this alignment, and if you are able to avoid the arrogance for having all the answers and spend time learning and listening to others before you act, you will be able to make movements towards what you want.

Mars in Aquarius energy is all about prompting people to be catalysts for intellectual and humanitarian advancement and change. This energy can be a bit difficult to figure out as you will enjoy surprising others with unconventional methods and will strive to find new original and unique ways to accomplish goals and revel in your independence. You will also love to run the show as your natural organisation skills make you a great leader and non-conformist reformer, especially against the establishment.

While open minded and progressive at this time you can also be surprisingly stubborn and rebellious where you’ll change patterns of behaviour just to keep others on their toes. You will have a lot of ambition and energy for mental and intellectual projects, standing up for yourself and pulling everything together to finish a project on time. At times during this alignment you may feel a bit scattered, even a little mad, but deep inside it all makes sense and your innate cleverness and strong will makes you a creative and dominant force.

You will be willing to let others be themselves as you value having plenty of space for freedom and individuality to shine through. You will not feel very sentimental at this time and may come across as detached, even in an intimate relationship. You may have an easier time loving “causes” or humanity as a whole than you do loving and expressing feelings to one individual. Kindness, self-sacrifice, and service come easily to you but intimacy is always a problem and your partner may feel distanced and out of touch with you due to your ability to get along just as well alone.

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