Crystal Work: The Magic of Yellow Crystals

Yellow is a cheerful and uplifting colour. It catches the eye easily, being the most reflective of colours, and its all-encompassing quality gives the illusion that it is ever expanding towards the observer.

Yellow is the colour of the Sun and, therefore, it is often linked with enlightenment. This is why Buddhists and Hindus wear yellow robes.

The colour of spring flowers

Spring is symbolised by yellow. In this season, the appearance of yellow flowers, such as daffodils and crocuses, sends a reassuring reminder that warm weather is on its way. In crystal healing, the summery association of yellow-coloured crystals makes them good to use on people suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Stimulating the Solar Plexus

Yellow can be a relaxing as well as an energy-giving one. It is also associated with the solar plexus, the Stomach Chakra, and thus yellow-coloured crystals are the most appropriate ones to use on this area during healing. Turquoise, with its flecks of yellow, is also associated with the Stomach Chakra.

The Stomach Chakra

The Stomach Chakra governs the centre of emotions in the body, giving you those instinctive 'gut' feelings. It is the most prone to being out of harmony with the other Chakras. When the solar plexus feels out-of-sync, you can experience symptoms that include nervous disorder and exhaustion.

Strength and balance

Yellow-coloured stones help to stimulate the solar plexus when it is in a weakened state. When this Chakra is in a strong state, it helps to keep the emotions balanced and leaves you feeling more centred and secure. Try wearing yellow-coloured stones when you feel emotionally distressed or out of sorts.

Using Yellow Crystals

Crystals of the yellow variety generate positive power. Their use in healing ranges from cleansing your body to promoting vitality and providing inspiration.

Courage and Vitality

Yellow stones impart energy and vitality, and help to promote courage.


Roman gladiators used to carry amber into battle to give them courage.


This stone is traditionally believed to banish laziness and bring inspiration. It is an ideal stone to carry when you have to revise for exams, for example.

Yellow for Detox

Yellow stones have purifying and detoxifying properties that can help to cleanse your body's systems and your mental processes.


Carry cleansing when detoxifying after excessive bingeing, or when trying to give up smoking.


The yellow variety of this stone is good for warding off depression.


This crystal strengthens the liver, gall bladder, spleen, digestive organs and nervous system. It detoxifies the body and is warming and inspiring. It is the birthstone of Sagittarius.



Turquoise helps to align and cleanse the Chakras. This stone enhances medication, creative expression, communication, friendship and loyalty.

Stones of the Sun

Yellow stones share their colour with the Sun and thus can be used to bring a little sunshine into your life.

Cat's eye

Also known as oculus solis - 'the eye of the Sun'. The effect that makes this stone look eye-like has given rise to various beliefs, including one that cat's eye could make the bearer invisible.


As its name suggests, sunstone embodies solar energies. It is a good stone to use if you are trying to improve your financial situation or get a new job.

Crystal Charms



Wearing an amber pendant or necklace that rests on the chest is thought to help asthma sufferers


Yellow oscite (or calcite) is good for strengthening your self-confidence and developing your ability to communicate and express yourself clearly.

Citrine quartz

Citrine is a good touchstone to carry if you are trying to develop your psychic abilities, but beware - this stone is also associated with trickery and theft.


Believed to be able to make the bearer invisible - and so protect you from harm.


A good stone to wear if you suffer from skin problems, it can also help with rheumatism and arthritis.


Named after the Greek Sun god Helios, the name of this stone literally means 'gift of the Sun'. Heliodor is used for healing and in spells associated with the Sun.



Carry topaz if you are lacking in inspiration or if you feel the need for a spiritual or mental 'awakening'.


Turquoise aligns the Chakras and enhances meditation, helping to grant peace of mind and emotional balance.

yellow jasper

Yellow jasper

This stone carries the Sun's rays and is thought to hold masculine energy. Yellow jasper is a stone of protection, as it can shield you from negativity. Use it as a charm to assist and protect on literal or spiritual journeys.