Crystal Work: The Magic of Moonstone

Moonstone is thought to have characteristics of the moon and there are many traditions concerning its use. In folklore it was said that the milky silver of this stone brightened at the start of the new moon. While in astrology and tarot, it is believed that the moon rules the emotions, and that these are exaggerated during a full moon. Traditionally the moon has been associated with lovers, and feelings of warmth and friendship.

Crystal healers believe that moonstone carries the vibration of female energy and its action is gentle and nurturing, bringing a sense of calm. On a physical level it is thought to encourage sensitivity to the natural rhythms of the body, encouraging strength and rejuvenation. Living in tune with nature and attending to the needs of the body can help prevent you getting run down, and moonstone is believed to soften the signs of wear and tear on the body.

Because of its association with the feminine, moonstone is thought to be helpful for painful periods, PMS and other menstrual problems, and a crystal elixir made from moonstone is believe to be particularly useful for teenage girls.

Many qualities are attributed to this crystal in connection with the Moon. It is thought to protect those travelling by moonlight and is sometimes known as the Traveller's stone. Moonstone was used in the Middle Ages to treat consumption (on a waxing moon), for divination (on a waning moon), and to reconcile lovers (on a full moon). The Romans also believed that the stone had the power to endow love, wealth and wisdom.

Healing with Moonstone

The energy of moonstone encourages transformation and helps us let go and move on to new things. During periods of upheaval in our lives we may find we are burdened with physical and emotional baggage we no longer need. In fact, it is often only during these times of change that we become aware of this accumulated baggage. For example, it may be only when you move house that you find all the stuff you have accumulated and held onto, storing it out of sight and mind in the attic. Deciding what you want to keep can be a painful process. However, people often find that the act of giving away some of their old possessions is a huge relief.

In the same way emotions and thought patterns can also be released. Sometimes this happens naturally, while in other situations like an illness, the break up of a relationship, redundancy or a change of job, we are forced to let go. How we cope depends on a number of things but an important factor to remember when change is forced on you is that you may have no choice. In which case, the more you resist, the more difficult coping with that change may be.

On the other hand, we may find ourselves in a situation where intellectually we want to move on and yet, for some reason, we find this difficult. In situations like this a moonstone can be of great help. Its energy encourages us to let go of things we no longer need, leaving the past behind.

For spiritual and emotional healing, letting go also involved recognising any associated lessons. Old issues need to be understood and released, and a loving and supportive relationship developed with ourselves. Moonstone can help with this - its gentle nurturing vibration helps to bridge the gap between old and new. It can also remind us that each end is really a new beginning. Its positive energy can help us to make the right decision and pursue our goals with confidence.

On a spiritual level moonstone energy is believed to give us the motivation and courage to follow our destiny, helping us to stay focused on what we need rather than on what we want. Its vibration strengthens intuition, shifting energy to the Third Eye Chakra (situated in the centre of the forehead and traditionally believed to be linked to spirituality and clairvoyance), and away from the solar plexus, which is related to the intellect.

Using Moonstone

The benefits of moonstone are manifold. Use its magical powers to divine the future, strengthen your psychic abilities and even relieve the discomfort of water retention.


Moonraking is an old technique used in energy work to charge water for scrying of spells. It is performed under a full moon, using a silver or crystal bowl half filled with dew or spring water. A moonstone is placed in the water to enhance the process.

Using hand gestures, imagine you are 'raking' the rays of the full moon into the water in the bowl. Visualise silvery light filling and charging the water. The 'moonwater' may then be used for crying, cleansing crystals, or for lunar spells.


Psychic Work

Use moonstones to help develop your psychic abilities. During meditation or attempts at astral projection, place a moonstone over your Third Eye Chakra. This will enhance the energies of your mind and sharpen your focus. It is best to practise this exercise with the moon's light shining on you.

Lunar Lens

Imagine the moonstone acts as a lens, focusing the Moon's rays into your mind to enhance your intuition and psychic abilities.

Gardening Spells

Moonstone is associated with the growth pf plants through its connection with the Moon. It is a good stone to use to help your plants bloom.

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To boost plants and trees that refuse to grow, place a moonstone at the base of the stem or hang it from the branches. The crystal will draw the energy of the Moon to encourage growth.
You can also water plants with moonraked water to promote growth.

Feldspar Family

Moonstones belong to the feldspar family - the most common minerals in the Earth's crust.

Feldspars are aluminium silicates, which are given their distinctive colours through the addition of other metals and minerals. The most beautiful examples of feldspars are of gem quality, these being amazonite, labradorite, moonstone and sunstone. Feldspars are softer than the quartz family and need to be looked after carefully as they tend to chip easily.

Easing Water Retention

With its lunar connections, moonstone is a good crystal to use for relieving the discomfort of water retention. Carry a moonstone in your hip pocket or attach it to a hip chain. This will allow the crystal's influence to easily reach the stomach area and help encourage the body to release excessive water stored there. During the waning phase of the moon, take your moonstone and place it on a window sill. The Moon's rays will recharge it and attune the stone's energies to the receding tides.