Crystal Work: The Magic of Green Crystals

Green is the colour of nature, and of the pigment chlorophyll used by plants to promote photosynthesis. Therefore, green crystals have special associations with nature, life and growth. Such beliefs are reflected in the Peruvian legend that the colour of an emerald is ripened from achromatic to its distinctive green by the Sun's rays. The ancient Egyptians in particular associated such crystals with fertility and he coming of springtime.

Lightening strikes

In some cultures, green stones have also been linked with lightening. For example, the South African Bantu believe that aventurine forms where lightening strikes, while the Aztecs understood the same of jade. The position of green in the centre of the rainbow following a storm reflects the colour's balancing and soothing properties.

The Colour in Green Crystals

Green is at the very centre of the visible light spectrum and, as the colour most present in plants, it is always around us when we are outside and at one with nature.

Green is a very soothing colour, and is the shade that stimulates the Heart Chakra.

The Heart Chakra is the centre of balance in the body, just as the colour green is the centre of the rainbow.

Using Green Crystals

You can use green crystals in jewellery, meditation and around the home. They safeguard your health, protect your home and help to balance your emotions.

For Balancing


This is a good stone for easing frustration, including sexual discontent. Carry a piece in your hip pocket to help improve your mood and ease such feelings.



This tone is often found with an uncut ruby inside it - a form that is particularly good to carry to help alleviate menstrual problems. It is also helpful when dealing with traumas and in overcoming fears and panic attacks. When you're in a good mood, rub the stone and charge it, so that it can act as a powerful battery of positive energy when you are in a difficult situation or state.

To Improve Health


Rub a smooth piece of aventurine gently over itchy areas of eczema, rashes or sunburn. Visualise healing green energy being focused through the stone.



Carry jade in your hip pocket to help focus its energy towards your kidneys if you suffer from renal problems.


Thought to soothe the eyes when gazed at, jewellers often kept emeralds on their work surfaces. To help with any vision problems, place small pieces of emerald on your eyelids while meditating.

Green Jasper

This wonderful grounding stone is ideal for people who tend to daydream. Wear green jasper jewellery if you find it hard to concentrate on mundane daily chores.

The Colour of Money


Takes its name from the Italian 'per avventura', meaning 'by chance'. Known as the gamblers stone, it is carried to bring goo fortune and break runs of bad luck.


In ancient times, it was believed that carrying chrysoprase would gain you the judge's favour in any legal disputes.


Considered precious since ancient China, it is good for promoting projects such as business ventures an worthy causes, and is often used in wealth spells.

Crystal Charms


This lovely green crystal, with golden flecks of mica, brings you good luck and protects you from misfortune.


Jade has been considered valuable since ancient China. It can help to protect dreams and business ventures, an eases kidney problems.

Carry the calming stone zoisite to help you overcome sudden fears or anxiety. Charge the stone with your energies by rubbing it when things are going well for you. You can then use this store of positive energy when you feel down or experience a panic attack



Emerald comes from the Greek word 'smagdaros', meaning 'green', after the beautiful colour of the stone. Gem engravers kept emeralds on their work surfaces to soothe their often over-strained eyes.


Green jasper was set in rings worn by healers as long ago as ancient Egypt, through to Greece and Rome. It was still worn by healers in Elizabethan England.


Charge a piece of serpentine with blessed salt water for protection on your travels. It is especially thought to work as a remedy for snakebite. The stone was believed to draw the venom out of the bite, though it lost its power on use.


Peridot, the gem form of the stone olivine, is a good protective crystal. It has long been used in amulets to protect from nightmares, evil spirits and burglary. First charge the peridot with the light of the Sun and the full Moon to imbue it with the energies of both day and night.