Aromatherapy: Healing with Mandarin

Bright and cheerful, the delicate, sweet, tangy aroma of mandarin is refreshing and uplifting. Mandarin essential oil, expressed from the peel of mandarin fruit, has a range of gentle therapeutic properties. Its soft citrus scent is mild enough for babies and children and can be used throughout pregnancy.

Astringent action

Mandarin's primary action is as a tonic that aids the digestive process. It stimulates the appetite and the liver, helping to regulate digestion and the breakdown of fat. It has proved useful for soothing stomach cramps, morning sickness and indigestion. Used as part of a detoxifying programme, it reduces fluid retention and purifies the body.

Mandarin oil is a very effective treatment for scars an stretch marks, especially when combined with neroli and lavender. Its astringent action helps to clear congested and oily complexions and can be used to increase the firmness of the skin.

Active Ingredients of Mandarin Oil

Mandarin oil has a soothing effect on the digestive system. The oil is particularly good for treating insomnia, nervousness and stress.


The monoterpene limonene gives mandarin stimulating, antiseptic and antibacterial qualities. High concentrations of monoterpenes make the oil prone to oxidation. Purchase mandarin oil in small quantities and use within six months.


Mandarin contains citral and citronellal


The alcohol geraniol is responsible for the oil's uplifting qualities.

Uses for Mandarin

Traditionally offered as a token of respect in ancient China, mandarin and its associated oil can be used in a range of treatments for many conditions.

A Sweet and Gentle Beauty Oil

Mandarin's astringent action is beneficial on oily, congested skin. It tones loose skin and can be used to heal scars and damaged tissue.

Cleanse Oily Skin

Use the following facial massage blend to ease oily skin.

4 drops mandarin oil
4 drops cypress oil
3 drops juniper oil
20ml jojoba carrier oil

The mandarin and juniper will help tone congested skin and the cypress helps balance sebum production.

Heal Scars and Stretch Marks

The following blend promotes cellular regeneration and the wheatgerm base oil nourishes new tissue.

2 drops mandarin oil
2 drops lavender oil
2 drops neroli oil
5ml wheatgerm carrier oil

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Magical Mandarin

The mandarin tree takes its name from the Mandarins who ruled ancient China. The fruit was presented at their court as a token of respect for these oriental majesties. The fruit is now grown throughout the Mediterranean.

Mandarin is a symbol of good luck and it still plays a part in the celebration of the Chinese New Year.

When the mandarin was introduced to Europe, it soon became associated with Christmas. Burning mandarin oil in a vaporiser can help to create a yuletide atmosphere. By the late 19th century the mandarin was a popular stocking filler, representing the Sun. It remains a symbol of cheerfulness and of the inner child within us all.

A Soothing Oil for Children

Children adore mandarin oil's sweet aroma. Use it to calm them and any tummy upsets.

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Calm a fretful baby with the following blend.
5 drops mandarin oil
2 drops chamomile oil
30ml sweet almond
Massage the oils into the soles of the feet until the baby is soothed


Relieve the discomfort of constipation in young children by massaging the abdomen in a clockwise direction using:
5 drops mandarin oil
5 drops geranium oil
15ml sweet almond
The geranium works synergistically with mandarin to stimulate congested digestion.


Calm and soothe an overactive toddler into a restful night's sleep by relaxing them in a warm bath infused with the following blend just before bedtime:
3 drops mandarin oil
3 drops lavender oil
Diluted in 25ml orange flower water, these oils can be used as a light spray in babies bedroom.

Digestive Tonic

To cure persistent hiccups, massage the abdomen with 5 drops of mandarin oil, 4 drops of basil oil and 2 drops of cardamom oil blended in a carrier oil

To counter embarrassing flatulence, massage the abdomen with 25ml carrier oil containing 5 drops mandarin, 4 drops nutmeg and 2 drops peppermint. This will relieve any uncomfortable trapped wind.

Aid digestion after illness by adding 4 drops each of mandarin and lavender oil and 2 drops chamomile oil to a morning bath.

Calming Frangrance

Mandarin's cheerful aroma is refreshing and calming.

Shower Blend

for an invigorating shower use:
4 drops mandarin
2 drops bergamot
2 drops peppermint
20ml shower gel

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Insomnia bath

If you suffer from insomnia, add the following blend to an evening bath or vaporiser.
5 drops mandarin
5 drops lavender

Think positive

Encourage positive thoughts with this vaporising blend.
6 drops mandarin
3 drops hyssop
1-2 drops thyme