Crystal Work: The Magic of Diamonds

The word 'Diamond' has its origin in the Greek word 'adamas', which means unconquerable. Ancient civilisations discovered that diamond could cut any other stone, and so it became known as the 'ruler of stones'.

Diamond has been mined for more than 4,000 years. Such is its value that across time and culture, people from ancient Rome to modern-day India have believed in its magical powers. For example, water in which diamonds have been soaked is reputed to have healing properties.

Ring of Portection

From Roman soldiers to medieval knights, warriors wore diamonds as a protective stone in battle and to ensure victory. Indeed dreaming of diamonds was said to indicate future success.

Diamond was though to protect the bearer against evil, and it was from this belief that the use of diamonds in engagement rings sprang.

How Diamond Works

Diamond is believed to amplify any energy with which it comes into contact. For this reason, it should only be used for positive spells and magic.

Diamond for Good

There is a history of death and disaster associated with some of the world's most famous diamonds. Such tales serve as a warning to those whose greedy desire to possess these stones consumes them. Diamond will only amplify their negative energy back to them.

Diamond Quartz

Diamond is piezoelectric, meaning it produces an electric charge when put under pressure. For this reason, diamond can control time keeping equipment, at it will control frequencies with perfect accuracy. The stone is still used in watches to ensure they keep good time.

Using your Diamond

Diamond is a versatile stone that shares the purifying and cleansing attributes of all clear crystals. Harness its powers for healing and to control your dreams.

For Healing

To make the most of a diamond's amplifying effect, hold a gem over each Chakra in turn from the root to the Crown, visualising a gold light flowing up from the earth through you, cleansing and balancing your energy centres.


Use a diamond ring to focus energies to your hands and then into another person's body, as in Reiki healing.

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For Headaches

If you frequently suffer from headaches or debilitating migraines, try meditating with a diamond placed on your Crown Chakra.

Visualise the energy of the heavens as silvery light that is being drawn down through the diamond into your head, purifying your aura and removing the tension and stress that can cause headaches.

Spend a few minutes each day practising this technique, until your frequent headaches become a thing of the past.

For Storing Energy

Wearing a diamond will attune it to your personal energies. Whenever you are in a good mood, rub your diamond and visualise your positive energy flowing into your crystal as golden energy, building up its charge.

When you need to use energy for healing or some other spell, you can release the energy you have store in the diamond to help you focus and amplify your spell.

For Dreaming

If you have a piece of jewellery inset with a diamond, wear it at night when you sleep. When you dream, try to remember to look for the diamond on your person.

lucid dreams

If you succeed in finding the diamond in your dream, this can make you aware that you are dreaming, allowing you to become lucid and direct your dream scenario as you wish.

Diamond's powerful amplifying energy encourages lucid dreaming.

To Aid Purification

Diamond is an excellent stone to use to balance your energies, be they emotional, mental or physical. With its cleansing properties, diamond is a particularly appropriate stone to wear when purifying yourself, during fasting, bathing or meditating.

Folklore of Diamond

Many myths and legends have been associated with diamond through the ages.

In the 16th century, it was said that Catherine de Medici used diamond powder as a poison.

In India, diamonds are sometimes called 'vajras',or thunderbolts. This association is also found in medieval Italy, where diamonds were thought to be solidified thunderbolts.