Crystal Work: The Magic of Carnelian

Carnelian takes its name from the Latin word 'cornu', which means 'horn', and the stone is particularly associated with sexual energy and fertility by crystal healers. Throughout history, carnelian has been attributed protective powers. In Islam, it is called the Mecca stone and used as an amulet against the evil eye. Muslims also believed that engraving the name of Allah on carnelian would promote courage in the bearer.

Stone of happiness

Carnelian has long been seen as a symbol of joy and peace, used for promoting good cheer and banishing sorrow. In Buddhism, carnelian represented such qualities as faith, perseverance and wisdom. Even in modern times, the German literary figure Goethe connected powers of protection, luck, comfort and hope with carnelian.

Carnelian and the Book of the Dead

The Egyptian Book of the Dead is a collection of papyrus scrolls that record in hieroglyphic text the wisdom of ancient priests and the experiences of the soul in the afterlife.

Carnelian is mentioned a number of times in this book as it was though by the Egyptians to be a protective stone and was used in many amulets, particularly those placed on the mummies of the rich and powerful.

Book of the dead

A 'tet' amulet made of carnelian was often placed on a mummy's neck to protect the soul of the departed in the afterlife. According to legend, the goddess Isis shed tears of blood upon the death of her husband Osiris. The tears turned into carnelian that she then shaped into a tet amulet. Isis placed the tet around the neck of Osiris to protect her husband as he journeyed to the underworld.

Using Carnelian

Carnelian is valued in crystal therapy as a stone of great spirituality that can be used for mental and physical healing.

For astral travel

Carnelian has been used to help people learn to astral travel since the days of ancient Egypt. This technique usually takes a lot of practice before you succeed, but perseverance is the key when trying to project astrally.

Hold a fairly translucent flat piece of carnelian in front of a candle. Try to make sure there is no other light source in the darkened room.

Gaze into the candle flame through the crystal and try to move your awareness through the carnelian like a door through to the flame on the other side.

Enhancing fertility

Carnelian is an activating stone and can help you in realising ideas and making plans manifest. Due to this quality it is also a good stone to wear if you are trying to become pregnant.

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Both partners should wear carnelian jewellery while trying to conceive. When not wearing the jewellery, keep both sets together whenever possible to encourage the link between the crystals and yourselves.
Carnelian was also believed to protect from miscarriage during pregnancy.

This medieval verse indicates these qualities:

"Carnelian is a talisman, it brings good luck to child and man. If resting on an onyx ground, a sacred kiss imprint when found. It drives away all evil thing, to thee and thine protection brings. The name of Allah, king of kings, if graven on this stone, indeed, will move to love and doughty deed. From such a gem a woman gains sweet hope and comfort in her pains."

Boosting health

Carnelian has been used to treat a number of organs in the body, and is especially associated with the Sacral Chakra when treating digestive problems. Holding the stone against your back can also ease back pain. Wearing carnelian jewellery on an ongoing basis may help digestion.

Carnelian is an energising stone. Carry a piece of carnelian in your pocket and rub it regularly when you feel good to build up a positive charge so you can draw upon its energy when you need to focus.

Boost sexual energy

A smooth piece of carnelian may be used to gently massage the Root Chakra at the base of the spine.

Slow clockwise circular movements with carnelian at the base of the spine help release blockages that can cause sexual problems.

Carnelian is said to encourage kundalini (sexual energy) to be more active, so can be considered an aphrodisiac in this sense.

Overcoming shyness

Carnelian set in jewellery can help overcome shyness or social inhibitions. A pendant or necklace of carnelian around the neck can help energise the Throat Chakra and give you the courage to speak your mind and act on your decisions. You can also wear it in this manner if you are working on your voice and attempting to overcome timidity.