Aromatherapy: Oils for Easing Loneliness

Many people actively seek solitude, enjoying the space to be in touch with themselves to formulate new ideas and find inner peace. Loneliness on the other hand is a state of isolation where a person is unable to be in touch with others and feels alone even when there are other people around.

Benefits of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy can help with both these states. Essential oils can enhance solitude, making the pleasure of your own space even more satisfying. Essential oils can also help someone experiencing loneliness to feel more at ease with their own company. By doing this is becomes easier for a lonely person to break down their personal barriers and reach out to develop the social contact they need.

Blending Oils to Help you Ease Feelings of Loneliness

All of these blends should be made using 35ml of the base oil of your choice.


Top Note

Middle Note

Base Note

Enjoying Solitude

4 drops orange

2 drops rose

4 drops neroli

Comforting Negativity

2 drops bergamot
2 drops orange

4 drops rose
2 drops melissa

1 drop jasmine

Overcoming Melancholy

5 drops bergamot

2 drops chamomile

3 drops benzoin

Easing Loneliness

3 drops juniper
3 drops bergamot

2 drops melissa

2 drops frankincense

Oils that have solitude enhancing qualities




Aromatherapy Remedies

Here are some treatments that you can use to either intensify your solitude or to alleviate the feelings of anxiety and despondency promoted by being alone.

Contemplation Compress

A warm compress on the forehead is a good way to apply the blends suitable for solitude and private contemplation.

Add all of your essential oils to 500ml of warm water in a bowl

Place a piece of cotton on the surface of the water to soak for a few seconds.
Wring all the excess water out and place the wet cotton on your forehead.
Place a piece of clingfilm over the wet cotton to keep the warmth in
Replace the compress when it has cooled to body temperature.

aromatherapy compress

Massage for Solitude

Take a bath before using your massage blend in order to open your pores. then gently perform a self-massage all over your body, or concentrating on areas where you have aches or pains. Relax and enjoy the massage, appreciating the self-sufficiency and inhaling the beautiful aromas.

  • Put the essential oils into a clean dark bottle.
  • Add the carrier oil. A penetrating oil such as hazelnut or macadamia is particularly good (check for nut allergies though if making for another person)
  • Shake well to disperse the essential oils in the blend.

Anxiety Vaporised

Using blends in an oil burner or vaporiser on an ongoing basis can help to ease feelings of tension and anxiety associated with being all by yourself.

aromatherapy tools electric diffuser

Put 100ml of distilled water into a dark glass bottle via a funnel
Add the essential oils, put the base notes in first, then middle notes and finish with the required top notes.
Shake well
Add some of the blend to your oil burner or put in a vaporiser and spray around the room

Remember to shake the bottle each time you use it to disperse the essential oils within the blend.

Bath Blends for Loneliness

One of the best ways to create your own private space is to treat yourself to a warm, comforting bath.

  • Run a hot bath to the temperature you like to luxuriate in.
  • Add the oils to the water as it runs, halving the quantities of the oils in the blend you have chosen.
  • Relax and release all your anxiety, allowing the oils to gently soothe you and help you enjoy the comfort of your own company.