Third Eye Chakra

Aromatherapy for your Third Eye Chakra

Modern living leaves little room to focus on your creative faculties, causing the Third Eye Chakra to become underactive and unbalanced. Many people exhibit problems associated with a blocked Third Eye Chakra, such as mental fatigue, depression, pessimism and cynicism. Alternatively, when the Third Eye Chakra is overactive it can lead to deluded behaviour.

Treating your Third Eye Chakra

In the physical body, an overactive Third Eye Chakra can cause headaches, insomnia or nightmares. Floral oils are particularly good for treating hyperactivity and herbal oils can stimulate a blocked or underactive Third Eye Chakra.

Compresses are also a good way to treat this Chakra, applied to the back of the neck to antidote and to the forehead to stimulate. Other good techniques are massage and applying blends to your temples.

Remedy Checklist

Certain oil groups, such as stimulating herbal blends, are particularly useful for working with the Third Eye Chakra.


This stimulates the adrenals, treats anxiety and depression.


Rosemary stimulates the adrenals, is good for mental fatigue and alleviates depression.

Clary sage

Good for stress, migraine and depression.


Treats nervous tension and stress.

Floral oils are more soothing and antidote an overactive Third Eye Chakra.


Sweet scented lavender oil is good for treating headaches, depression, migraine and insomnia.


This oil is good for treating fatigue.


This gentle flower is good for relieving painful headaches and for treating nervous tension and insomnia.


Balancing geranium is used to ease nervous tension and stress.


Use for stress or headaches.


Helps to fight insomnia.

Oils for your Third Eye Chakra

Antidote or stimulate your Third Eye Chakra with essential oils whenever you suffer from migraine, mental or physical fatigue or have trouble sleeping.

Bouts of Insomnia

Insomnia is the curse of an overactive mind and when the Third Eye Chakra becomes over-stimulated it can disrupt your sleep. You'll lie in bed feeling as though a million thoughts are whirling around you head. Having a bath with aromatic oils can help the body and mind to rest and encourage you to relax in preparation for sleep.

Adding a few drops of the bath blend onto your pillow as well can help calm your Third Eye Chakra and enable you to get the sleep you need.

aromatherapy pillows

If you are feeling restless earlier in the evening you could add the blend to your oil burner and benefit from the relaxing scents.

Migraine Sufferers

Anyone who suffers from migraine knows what a debilitating experience this can be. This symptom can be triggered by food and drink to which you are sensitive, stress and very often bright light. Having a migraine blend always to hand is a good idea if you are a frequent sufferer.

The best place to apply a migraine blend is to the pulse points on the temple, and run a little onto the Third Eye Chakra itself in the centre of the forehead. It can also be added to a hot bath and a few drops placed on the pillow, if you need to go and lie down in a dark room.

Third Eye Chakra Recipes

Soothe away the symptoms of an unbalanced Third Eye Chakra with these recipes.

Migraine Relief Blend

  • 3 drops melissa
  • 5 drops lavender
  • 35ml grapeseed oil

Insomnia Blend

  • 2 drops rose
  • 3 drops chamomile
  • 5 drops lavender
  • 35ml almond oil
aromatherapy lavender

Mental Fatigue Blend

  • 3 drops rosemary
  • 4 drops clary sage
  • 500ml cold water and apply with a compress

Mental Fatigue

You may well be familiar with those times when you are working non-stop, and your brain becomes fatigued from an overload of information. The Third Eye Chakra becomes blocked and underactive in reaction to the brain's hyperactivity. It is particularly common when studying for exams. When this occurs you need to stop and let your mind relax, so it can be gently stimulated back into action.

A cold compress to the brow can soothe away feelings of stress.