The Energy Experiment – Phase 1 Update

The 3 month stage of any new venture is always a voyage of discovery.

When I began this research it was to look at how energy responds between individuals who have had no physical connection. I entered the experiment with no preconceived ideas, preferring the data to take on it’s own direction.

Volunteers have been participating and contributing valuable feedback along the way, and ideas for Phase 2 began to form from the collated data.

From the feedback I have received, participants are very engaged with the process. I have also noticed that some prefer to not provide feedback on their exchanges to other members of their group. While this is fine, it means I am unable to record your experiences as you have them.

During Phase 2 we will continue to support each other each week with an energy exchange. I encourage you to continue providing feedback after each exchange. Documenting the process you experience provides a valuable tool to the process of collecting and collating data.

Phase 2 will continue until the end of June 2019. I will see the direction the data is moving and share my findings with you all for comment. We will continue to exchange energy weekly moving into phase 3.

During phase 3 I will analyse each individuals experience to date and discuss the possibility of inclusion as a case study in my second book.

As the experiment has progressed, I have received feedback that some feel their struggle points have changed somewhat since the experiment began. I view this as amazing movement, and first inklings that ‘something’ is definitely creating a shift.

If this is you. If you feel you have moved past your original struggle point. Please feel free to let me know in the questionnaire below.

Please continue contributing to this research and fill in the short questionnaire below. Your feedback is valuable to this research; without it, we couldn’t explore this fascinating area of energy interaction.

The Energy Experiment Timescale

  • Phase 1 (Dec 2018-Feb 2019) represents three months of your participation in the experiment to date. This culminates in collating feedback you have provided along the way.
  • Phase 2 (March 2019-June 2019) continues with weekly energy exchanges as before, incorporating any new ‘Struggle Points’.
  • Phase 3 (July 2019-September 2019) Drawing upon data from 9 months participation. Phase 3 determines volunteers individual contributions to the research with an invitation to participate in a ‘Masterclass’ research project for Sarah’s second book.
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