Aromatherapy: Finding Essential Oil’s Spring-like Characters

Many of the most popular spring flowers tend to have fresh, slightly warm, yet peppery notes. Think of the hyacinth, narcissus, tulip, crocus and daffodil. Most spring plants do not actually produce essential oils, although some, such as the hyacinth, are used to create what are known in the perfume industry as absolutes. The majority … Read moreAromatherapy: Finding Essential Oil’s Spring-like Characters

Aromatherapy: Spring Seasonal Connection

In many cultures spring represents the start of the year, and the increasing energy of longer, lighter days can provide the incentive for you to make some new beginnings. Changes are most significant when they start at a personal level, but working on your home environment can help considerably to get the energy moving. For … Read moreAromatherapy: Spring Seasonal Connection