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Planetary Alignment: Venus in Gemini

Practical Influences – Venus in Gemini

Venus in Gemini brings witty conversation. During this alignment, you will feel able to converse knowledgeably on a wide variety of subjects. You will prefer more stimulating conversations to comfortable ones, keeping things light-hearted rather than being tied down over deeper issues. Preferring to be around friends that cater to your need for variety and fun, your tastes will change frequently, leaving it difficult for people to keep up with your wants at this time.

This alignment has a way of bringing out all possible answers to any questions, leaving you seeming insincere to the point of dishonesty. However, this is seldom true as you strive to be interesting during social gatherings with a natural curiosity about everything and everyone. You will not feel overly sentimental and will dislike coarse people, preferring good manners in conversation with others. Your friends will find you fun, spontaneous, witty, and full of life, always being at the centre of social events due to your bright good nature. Natural humour makes you easy to spend time with, and your flexibility makes you attracted to variety as the spice of life.

Venus in Gemini brings a desire to travel and, with your child-like approach to life, you will love learning things about people and experimenting. Not being the best at making and keeping commitments, you can come over as flighty and flaky at this time, so any travel will not be too formalised or planned out.

You will look for lively relationships at this time with plenty of activity and communication. You want people around you who can talk about multiple subjects in a short period of time, due to your active mind which is constantly on the go. You value living a light, unemotional life, filled with variety and activity, especially enjoying conversations that roll from topic to topic without any fixed ideas or rigid thinking.

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