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SEE Online Meditation

Inspired by The Spiritual Energy Exchange, we would like to invite you to join in an online synchronised group meditation around the SEE monthly theme.

This meditation can be done from wherever you are. I am simply asking for you to connect at a given moment; how long you remain connected is very individual.

Set a reminder on your phone, name it for the monthly theme and find yourself connecting while waiting in a queue or talking with friends. Your reminder is enough for the connection to be effective and you can share it with others.

Enter into whatever meditation practice suits you.

I ask you to access your inner alchemy by slowing down, listening to your body and connecting with it at the same moment as others in the event.

Consider the following:
What is your mind telling you about the monthly theme?
How do you feel deep inside about the monthly theme for yourself, in your relationships and in your professional life?
What pictures come into your mind about the meaning of the monthly theme for yourself and for all living beings.

Focus on the monthly theme as a word, a concept, and a reality, for yourself and the world. Project the monthly theme into the hearts of all people, both known and unknown.

Please leave your feedback in the discussions section and share this event as widely as possible.

The event is finished.

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