Crystal Work: The Magic of White Crystals

White is known as the colour of purity. It is considered the colour of spirituality and transcendence, of perfection. This is seen when white light is shone through a prism, diffusing into the whole spectrum of the rainbow as it contains all colours within. Therefore, white is also the colour of completion.


For all these reasons, it is traditional in Western weddings for the bride to wear white. In the past, the colour symbolised her purity, and also her change in status - leaving her family to start a new life with her husband.

Cleansing Colour

White is the colour of cleanliness. In the East, it is worn as the colour of mourning, but its cleansing aspect is still apparent as it represents the soul shedding the body and moving on to the next stage, the spiritual world. White stones adopt the positive properties of this colour for use in healing and spiritual practices.

Healing Benefits of White Stones.

White stones have many healing qualities that are connected to their purifying colour.

Due to their shade, white stones are linked to healing connected with the bones and teeth.

White is a calming colour, and white stones can help promote calm and ease stress. White howlite will help to bring feelings of tranquillity. Meditate with this stone when you are faced with a difficult situation.

White stones are also used for their cooling effect, helping to reduce temperatures, both of the body and the emotions.

Being the colour of purity, white stones are often used for protection.

Using White Crystals

Use white crystals to ease stress, calm the mind and emotions and bring more purity and spirituality into your life.

White to Ease Stress

The sense of purity linked to white stones helps them to bring calm and cleansing. Their cooling and protective attributes ease stress and help 'cool' you down.


This stone has a very cooling effect and is good to use for reducing fevers and high temperatures. Place a piece of alabaster on your Third Eye Chakra to help ease the effect of high tempertures.

This stone is good to use if you are dealing with high levels of stress. Dolomite can help you align yourself when you are feeling 'out of sorts'. Put it on your Sacral Chakra to calm nauseous and sinking sensations.

This is a very good stone for modern life, helping to deal with stress and indecision. It is also a good energising stone for ties when you feel that you are at a low ebb. Cary zircon if you are having a hard time at work.

White for Healing

The same colour as bones and teeth, white crystals are good for healing these areas.

Bones and Teeth

Keep a white stone in mineral water for one day, then drink the water to gain the fortifying benefits of its strengthening qualities. Alabaster, marble and pearl are particularly good for this.

White Crystal Charms

One of the main materials for statues and building work in temples, alabaster is good for storing energy.

This can help deal with stress and indecision, and is a calming stone. It is used to help people deal with depression and insomnia.

Chalcedony has long been used in protective amulets, and was believed to help the bearer win legal cases, especially when the offs were stacked against them.


Also known as pear spar, this stone is used to deal with sorrow, and for times of high stress.

Howlite is commonly used to promote calm, and also for problems with the teeth and bones.


The beauty of pearly has made then popular since ancient ties. Pearls are good for helping you to transcend your limits. They boost self esteem and give you more confidence when you need it.

Marble is considered a stone of immortality due to its durability, and is used to make beautiful statues and decorate temples.

Moonstone is the most lunar of stones, and is used for anything associated with the Moon. It is a good stone for developing psychic powers.

Quartz is often found in its white form such as milk quartz as well as its colourless form. White quartz has been found around many sites in Britain, and has an old reputation for being a good healing stone.


White and Spirit

White stones are associated with the fifth element of spirit. This is the inherent divine essence of life.

Place a crystal on top of your head at the Crown Chakra, and visualise the silvery-white light of the heavens being drawn down into your body, filling you with the calming and purifying light of life.